Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Very Wet Thursday

As some of you may have heard, we are getting lots of rain here in "Sunny" Southern California. Today was one of the worst days of the three storms we are supposed to get. Mom took some pictures to show us how bad it was outside.

This is at Mom's work. An hour before this, the ground was wet, but it wasn't flooded like this. Mom has decided to call it Lake Ross. (The name of her school is Ross)

This is looking the other way from the door where she was standing. The campus has 4 long buildings that that face away from the admin building like fingers. This is between the first and second building. The top picture is between the second and third.

This is also between the first and second building.

This was on the drive home. Mom was stopped at a red light. If you look closely, you can see the water is up to almost the bottom of the doors on the sedans.

This is at our apartment building in the parking area. It is about 2-3 inches deep.

This is right outside our apartment. The first window on the left is our living room window. Fortunately, the apartments are up from the sidewalk, otherwise we would be under water. Our doorway is off to the left (out of the picture). It is higher ground than the sidewalk and under cover so it is only wet from foot prints.

This is Mom standing in the water so you can see how deep it is. She is nuts. Camie said that water is very cold.

This is what Gracie, Cody and I have been doing. We are staying warm and dry inside. Camie has mostly been doing that, but she does have to go outside sometimes.

And finally, here is an update of Camie. If you look closely at her neck, you can see the tumor. She is doing really well tho. She is eating better than ever and is enjoying being pampered. Mom says that we are going to keep on taking one day at a time and being happy with every moment we have with her.


Parker said...

Wow, you guys stay warm and dry, OK?
Smoochies to Cami, we are glad that she is eating and enjoying being pampered!

The Island Cats said...

We hope all that rain stops soon!!

And we're glad Camie is doing okay and enjoying her pampering.

The Meezers and Billy said...

oh my bast!!! that's a LOT of water! we hopes it goes away soon!!

We is glad that Camie is doing ok - we is still purrrring hard!

Cory said...

Big hugs and kisses to Camie...sorry she has to go outside know. Grete understands.

Angel and Kirby said...

We hope you stay high and dry! Give Camie a smooch for us!

Anonymous said...

Holy water!!! Your mom IS crazy going out there in that! We would HATE our toesies all wet! Glad Camie is eating better! We're sending lots of headbutts to her!

Victor Tabbycat said...

Dat is TOO MUCH wet shtuff! Yur skool don't look at all like my boy's skool. Mom keeps tryin to asplain an he's seen her skool, but they sure is diffrint fur yur climate.
Stay hi an dry!
Victor & Nina

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Now that is a lot of water! It would even do us proud. Continuing purrs for Camie.

Sparkle said...

We live in Los Angeles, so it's very wet here too! I'm so glad we're indoor kitties.

It's good to know that Camie is enjoying her pampering. I hope our purrs and thoughts are helping.

Two Greyhound Town said...

We are glad you are all okay. We have been hearing about your bad weather. Camie, you look good. Glad to hear you are eating well. Hugs to you, sweet Camie.

Eric and Flynn said...

Wow! And we thought we got a lot of rain!
We are glad Camie is doing well and enjoying being pampered. We are sending more purrs her way.

Derby said...

Is it time to build an ark? Purrs to Camie and all of you.

Tyler said...

Ah Camie, we send you lots of head bonks and purrs. We're so sad to read of your tumor. Before we blogged we never knew there could be kitty friendly woofies out there. We would love to have a woofie if she would be as loving to us as you are with your kitties.

We think it's grand that you're being spoiled. You deserve it girl. Eat it up.

We have the same rain up here in Northern Ca as you all have had in Southern. We look out the windows and feel sorry for the kitties and woofies without homes. We've had big booms with those lights in the sky too. We don't like those AT ALL.

Stay dry Camie and her kitties.
Mua, <--- that's a kitty kiss from me, Tyler.

Catline Crew said...

Oh my, tell Mom to stay out of the water, it's cold. The hail left the back yard white for a while. (We live in So. California too.) We are purring for Camie.

Poppy Q said...

My gosh, that was a lot of rain. We hope it has gone away and keeps away from your place.

Nice to see sweet Camie up and about. We are sending purrs and hugs your way.

poppy Q

Junior and Orion said...

We hope you are still dry and safe!!! We continue purring for Camie.....Meowm just wants to hug her!

sanjeet said...

so it's very wet here too! I'm so glad we're indoor kitties.
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