Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tortie Tuesday Tavi Update

I decided to report on today's update since Tavi is just a bit hissed off at the world. He had to go back to the V-E-T again - and Mom made me go too. He has CRF and has to have sub-q fluids, and a special diet. He also got two more prescriptions. One is an appetite stimulant since he hasn't felt like eating, and the other is a phosphate binder - both of which have to be done at a compounding pharmacy. Mom has to take care of those tomorrow. He also got two shots today: one of Vitamin B complex and Vitamin B12 combined, and another of a long lasting anti-biotic.

Mom has to give him 70 mls of fluids each day, and she has to give him a Vitamin B12 shot weekly for at least the next six weeks. And he has to go back for blood tests in 2 weeks.

Tavi was not a happy camper today. Mom isn't sure if it was because he had to go back to the V-E-T- for the third time in as many days or if it was because I was in the carrier with him, or if it was just that he's not feeling well, or a combination of the three. I had to go to get my rooster shots. Mom figured it made sense to take care of it since she had to go there anyway.

Thank you all for the purrs, prayers, and good thoughts coming our way. We really appreciate it.

PS - Mom did buy a pill splitter when she got the pills, but she says it's still a pain in the hiney to split those little things. 1/2 isn't too bad, it's the quartering that's a royal pain.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

OH yeah--quarters are always the worst. Another thought is that you can crush the pill and then divide the crushed pill into quarters...at our vets sometimes we would do that--and it sort of looked like someone had a cocaine habit as they'd do it in lines to measure the lines...Of course, you have to remember how much you've used to remeasure the next time...

We will keep purring for Tavi! It's hard to feel icky.

The Island Cats said...

We bet Tavi was a little hissed off because of all of that! We hope he's feeling better soon!

William said...

Oh gosh, poor Tavi! The vitamin Bs should help perk him up--that always worked with my old sis Sophie. He'll probably start to feel better in no time--especially if he gets a break from the fix-it place for a while!

Sweet Praline said...

Still purring that Tavi will start feeling better soon.

Ayla and Iza, said...

We're purring for Tavi!

BTW, when LC was on pills, the vet had his staff do the pill splits for her. You should ask about that.

Parker said...

Big purrs for Tavi!

The Meezers or Billy said...

our the mom agrees about those flipping tiny pills - splitting them in half was ok but then in 1/4s just nefur werked.

we is sorry Tavi hadded to go back to the v-e-t again. we hopes he feels better soon.

sorry about your rooster shots - we hate those

Victor Tabbycat said...

Mom's cuttin pills fur da boy alla time an sumtimes he's needed quarters, but not often. Poor Tavi an poor you! Hugs an purrs,
Victor & Nina

Anonymous said...

We are sending happy vibes and get well purrayers to Tavi!

Angel and Kirby said...

We are purring and sending happy thoughts to Tavi!

ABBY said...

We are purrin for you Tavi.


Eric and Flynn said...

We are purring for Tavi to feel better.

Erin said...

I hope that Tavi is feeling better soon!

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Thanks and best of luck:). And I'm sending lots and lots and lots of get well wishes to Tavi!