Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Scaredy Cat

Even though I know my brothers, woofie sister, and beans love me, and I love all of them, I am a scaredy cat. This week's T13 is things that scare me to where I might move away or run.

1. When mom is giving us Temptations, if one of my brothers moves, I will get scared and move away. Mom then has to toss my treats to me.
2. If Mom shifts position and I am near her, I will move away.
3. If I am eating and one of my brothers jumps on the bed, I pause and assess the danger, and then often run away.
4. If mom reaches for something withing 5 ft. of me, I move away.
5. Noises I don't expect (like the washer, dryer or vacuum) make me run away.
6. If mom is taking pictures, and the flashy goes off too many times, I get scared and run away.
7. When Mom goes to the kitchen to get our food, I will run 5 ft. away from her, pause and if she keeps going, I will do it again. After about the third time, I just take off running.
8. When my Papa opens his bedroom door, I run away.
9. When Camie gets up and turns around in her bed, I move away.
10. If one of my brothers is using the litter box, and jumps out near me, I get scared and run away.
11. If I am looking the other way, and one of my brothers walks past me, I get scared and dart away.
12. If I am sitting in the window looking out, and Mom comes up to the outside of the window to say "Hi," I run away.
13. When Mom first starts to play with me with a wand toy, I have to assess the situation and decide whether to run or not.

I have gotten a lot better in the past 2 years or so. It used to be that I would run away for everything, and I couldn't be within 20 ft. of people. Now my tolerance is about 5 ft, unless Mom is very still, or has temptations.


Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Cody, we are sorry to hear you are scared of so many things, but glad that you have gotten better! Hugs and purrs to you.

TT said...

Cody, I is sorry that you are scairt of noises and moves. It's great that you have learned to trust your mommy so much. I wonder (I dont recalls the story of you) were you an abandoned kitty?

Thank you all's for the purrs I am feeling a bit better nows.

Daisy said...

It sounds like you are getting less scairt as time goes by. I get very scairt of loud noises and visitors. I think everycat is scairt of something!

DEBRA said...


My sisfur Gracie does the same things just like you. She is a big fraidy kitty. She jumps and runs off at the mere hint of anything. We all think it was because she was aboosed as a kitten before she came to us.


Icon Baxter Bentley said...

Oh dear, bless your little heart! You remind my mama of Chloe very much. She would run from everything, too. I especially like #7.

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

Yup. You are a scaredy cat alright. You're as skittish, or more so, than some of the feral cats we used to feed in North Fort Myers. I hope you calm down one day and get to know people more, they really are not so bad.

Tybalt said...

You are getting much braver, Cody! Purrrrs.

Jimmy Joe said...

Oh boy, Cody, you must have seen some scary stuff to get scairt in your forever home. I'm glad to hear that you are getting over your scairt-ness, though!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

Jimmy Joe said...

P.S. Stop by my bloggie--I have an award for all of you!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I know what you mean. Many things scare me too. I hope you get more comfortable around everyone!


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Hang in der Cody, I used to run from everything and took about 6 years but finally I actually come to mom! Now I don't run when daddy sits down on da couch next to me either. I like da attention...~Sadie

Eric and Flynn said...

We're sorry yer so skeered ofefurryfing Cody, but we're glad yer slowly getting braver.

Mickey said...

`BOO! Sorry Cody, I was just checking.You seem to be getting better if you go 5 feet. It is much better than 20 feet :) My sisfur Georgia is a tiny bit nervous.Sudden moves scare her. I am happy that you are comfy in your home though :)
Purrs Mickey