Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tortie and Tabby Tuesday

Me Gracie. Me had to go to B-E-T again. Me not hab op-per-ate-shun. B-E-T and two legged thing think me already have op-per-ate-shun, so me not hab one unless me get like Ayla. Me get rooster shots and big needle with tag inside. Me not understand that. Me bery good again. Two legged thing thinks me like big blue box that moobes. B-E-T think me bery attached to two legged thing. Me not want to let go of her. Me want to be held by her always. Me still kind of growly at other cats. Grrrr. Me bery purry at two legged thing and me lub to make small holes in her when I need on her. Me like to need on her lots and lots. She says me clawrs sharp. Purrrrrr
My tummy gotted shabed. Me has scar in place where op-per-ate-shun was before.

Miss Jade here. I had to go to the V-E-T today also. Mom decided to see if she could make an appointment while she had Gracie there this morning and they had one this afternoon for me. I weigh all of 6 lbs. Gracie is over 9. I was so scared going to the V-E-T that I pooped in my carrier. It was majorly stinky and I got it all over the blanket and all over myself. The good thing is that when we got to the V-E-T, I got it all over the table, all over the assistant and all over Mom. Mom said she understood, but that I was very Stinky! They got me all cleaned up and gave Mom a plastic bag to put my blanket in. The V-E-T is having some medicine compounded for me for my achy tummy, and he wants me to try some new foods. My records were faxed by my old V-E-T and my new V-E-T is going to go thru them and try to get all the results from all of the tests I have had, so I don't have to have more. Otherwise, I am more or less okay healthwise.

Mom here: Yes, I made two trips to the vet today. Gracie was a little love, but kept wanting to climb up me to be held. The vet was surprised by her reaction since she has only been here a little more than a week. Jade is okay, but the vet is concerned about the constant diarrhea. The old vet report showed that tests were run, but not the results, so hopefully he will consult with the old vet.

In other news, does any kitty know of anyone in the southern CA area that would be willing to foster a mama kitty and her three week old babies? I have a friend whose neighbor didn't get one of their cats fixed and at first threatened to drown the kittens. At first they were going to let me take her before the kittens were born, but changed their mind at the last minute. In the meantime, Gracie came, and I no longer have room for a mama and her kittens as Gracie is taking up my only "free" space (my bathroom). Now the neighbor(s) are tired of dealing with the mama and the kittens and seem to be willing to let them be fostered. If anyone knows of anyone or anyplace that would take them, please e-mail me at taramorse(AT)aol(DOT)com. Sorry for the long post.


Parker said...

Oh Gracie, you are a little lover aren't you?
I wish we could help the mama cat!
And Miss Jade, I hope you are OK too!

Cory said...

Gracie,what a sweetheart you are! We too wish we could help, but my new brother Nigel is STILL in our spare room and taking up all of mom's extra time.

Glad to hear your mom is healing up well. My mom is too...maybe another week before she's 100%.

Angel said...

Gracie, you were very good at B-E-T. We are sorry that Miss Jade is not feeling well! Hopefully they will find out what is going on! I hope you find the mama and her babies a good foster!

Nina the Torbie said...

Oh, Gracie, it sounds like you just LOVE the new person you found! Long, sharp claws are the best, even when your person says "Ow!" I don't like to show off my tummy; people keep touching it.

Oh, Jade, don't feel bad about your accident; it happens and it's not your fault. You'd think people would understand that we don't like leaving home and getting poked and squeezed. I holler loud as I can.

Daisy said...

Gracie, you sure are a sweet kitty! I'm glad you did not have to have any operation since you already had it done before.

Miss Jade, I hope they can help your tummy feel better.

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Gracie you are adorable! What a little love you are to your new mom!
Miss Jade, we hope the v-e-t gets everything sorted out and yyou are soon better.

DEBRA said...

Hi Gracie!
I have a sisfur named Gracie.
You sure are a cutie and it sounds like you got a great home. Miss Jade we sure hope you feel better!


MaoMao said...

Awwwww, what a preshus little gurl you are, Gracie! I'm glad yur vet vizzit went well. And we're glad Miss Jade is okeydokeys, too! We Ballicai will purr and purr that she feels bettur soonies.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

LC, Ayla, and Iza said...

I know whatcha mean about "that way"...

But if ya haf the operation done afore ya get "that way", we think ya likely not haf my problem.


DaisyMae Maus said...

Wow! TWO v-e-t trips sounds hellish! Jade, don't worry about the poops in the PTU ... it happens to all of us. It's best when the v-e-t doesn't laugh ... you were lucky.

We're in So. Cal., but we don't know of anyone who's fostering ... sorry.


William said...

Boy, I've missed a WHOLE BUNCH! A new sister! A new sister named Gracie! She is a little cutie!

Miss Jade, I hope you start to feel better soon.

Sorry we don't know of anyone in SoCal because those babies need some help for sure. We hope everything turns out for them...

Sweet Praline said...

I hope the vet discovers all of the problems and you are both all well again.

Good luck with finding a foster mom or dad for the kitties.

Karen Jo said...

You are a very good kitty, Gracie, to behave so nicely at the B-E-T. I hope you learn to knead on your Mom without sticking your claws out. Jade, I hope that the vet can cure your icky tummy soon. Don't worry about your accident. It happens all the time.