Monday, June 8, 2009

Meezer Moving Monday

Hello, Tavi here - we are so glad the weekend from you know where is over... We are totally over at the new place now, but it looks like a mess because Mom still has to put stuff away. Mom and Papa (our Grandpa) worked really hard on Saturday to get everything moved over, and they managed it, but something happened that made Mom upset and then hurt.
While Mom and Papa were moving everything but the bed, Miss Jade and Cody were under the bed hanging out. Mom put Gracie and I in another bedroom while the doors were open, but she knew Miss Jade and Cody were too scared to do anything but hide under the bed. Well, it came time to finally move the bed - they were doing that last except for some boxes, and Papa asked what would happen to Cody, and Mom said he would freak out. So, she and Papa made sure that all of the doors to the house were shut so that when Cody ran, he couldn't get out. Well, our roommates didn't tell us that they had a hole in their screen and Cody found it and got out. Mom was soooooo upset. She kept going out to look for him. They kept Gracie and I locked up and Miss Jade was hiding in a cabinet, so they knew right were she was and opened all the doors they could.
Right before they left to come to unload the moving van, Mom made up notes and passed them around to all of her neighbors asking them if they saw Cody to please not try to approach him because he was so spooked by people, but to just call Mom and she would come and try to lure him home. Everyone was pretty nice about it, and said they would. Anyway, Mom and Papa finally had to leave to go unpack the van, but she left a note for our roommate to call also. She finally got back around 12:30 am and started to do some cleaning and then decided to go get some food since she was hungry and lunch was a long distant memory. When she came back with her food, she came into the house and then went out into the garage to open the door to put her car inside (she has never had a remote for it). She shut the door leading from the garage to the house, and opened up the garage door, and just as it opened, she saw Cody hiding behind a piece of plywood in the garage. He was really spooked and tried to run into the house. Of course, Mom had shut that door, so she tried to catch him as he darted past so he wouldn't run out of the garage outside. Well, that freaked him out even more, and he clawed her and then he bit her right on her knuckle. She still tried to hold on to him, but she never had a good grip and he slipped out of her grasp and ran OUTSIDE. Mom was even more upset because she knew now he was outside and not just hiding, and Cody hasn't been outside in over 10 years. And she was bleeding quite a bit from the scratches and the bite.
Mom walked down to Papa's - he lives 7 houses away from where we used to live - to get a flashlight. Papa gave her one and she went looking for him. In between looking for him, she tried to get the bleeding to stop. About 1/2 hour later, she saw him hiding by a car in the neighbors driveway, so she tried to get him, but he ran and she didn't see where he went. So she moved his food into the middle of the garage floor, and then went looking for him again. When she was coming back to the house to check on us, she happened to shine her flashlight into the garage and saw two little red eyes looking at her from behind a toolbox on a shelf. She quickly checked to make sure it was a Cody kitty and not a possum and then she shut the garage door. At least he was in the garage now. Then she managed to chase him into the house and then finally into our bedroom, where she shut us all in for the night. She slept on the floor next to Camie and I all night - well what was left of it - it was now about 2:45 am.
When she woke up Sunday morning (yesterday), she started cleaning some more - and then called Papa to come help her move one of the litterboxes. Her knuckle has never really stopped oozing, so Papa said he would come over and then he told Mom that her uncle who had kidney cancer had died about 4:00 am. It wasn't unexpected, but just sad. Mom went to return the rental truck, and then Papa picked her up and they spent the day at her Uncle's house (Papa's only brother). We were left locked up in Mom's room and she left a note threatening dire consequences if anyone opened the door and any of us got out.
She finally got home around 5:00 and had to get us kitties and Camie moved and she was worried about how she was going to get Cody. She finally managed to get him by throwing a comforter over him and then scooping him up and putting him in the PTU. The only problem she had was that I was in there already - I LOVE my PTU. So she told me the two of us were going to ride in there together. Cody was really good in the car. Mom threw the comforter over us, so she wasn't sure if it was because of that or because I was with him. (I often have to ride in the car when I don't want to because I calm the others down.) She only took 3 of us the first trip because she only has 2 PTUs that are put together and she had to fib about how many kitties she had to get an apartment. Gracie stayed at the old house while she finished cleaning her room - mopping, cleaning the baseboards and the bathroom. Our roommate came back with the kids and he was moving the last of their things out - leaving the front door open - and the kids were playing with Gracie when she decided she'd had enough and ran outside too. Mom was pi$$ed. She said that after a year of living together and reminding everyone weekly about doors, etc, they would get the picture that you can't leave a door open with indoor only kitties (or have a holey screen). Fortunately, Gracie didn't go far, and ran back home almost immediately as soon as Mom got the kids out of the way. She doesn't like being out.
Soooooo, she finally got us all moved and settled, but her knuckle now is showing real signs of being infected, so she is going to go to the people V-E-T tomorrow. It is all swollen and red, and still kind of oozey. And she can't move the finger very well.
Sorry this is so long, but we wanted to let you know what happened this weekend. We are really glad it is over.


The Meezers said...

oh goodness, we was getting a little leaky during your story 'acuase we felted so bad for your mom and for Cody. we is glad that he is in the new place and efurryone is all ok. purrrsss to your mommy

The Creek Cats said...

Wow, what an ordeal! So sorry ya'll had such an awful weekend! Glad it is over now.
We are sending your mom healing vibes and hope her knuckle gets all better very soon!

Cal bit our mom about a year ago and it got infected a little. She put black salve on the bite with a bandage and the salve drew the infection out.

Anonymous said...

How stressful, in addition to exhausting and painful! We are glad everybuddy is accounted for.

We hope you hand is not infected and that Cody will get settled in. We are very sad that he is so scairty of everything, but at lest he is safe.

Shadow said...

What a traumatic time for all of you. I am so happy Mom got you all back safe and sound.

Sorry you got hurt! He didn't mean it Mom...I lash out when I am freaked too.. Purrs that your finger will heal fast.

Purrs... Glad your move is over.. Now just the joys of unpacking!...And all the empty boxes to play in!

Angel and Kirby said...

Oh, Tavi! That was a horror story! We are so glad Cody is home safe after his scary day. Poor baby must have been terrified! And then Gracie! At lease she was not so scared as to come back! We hope Mom's hand is OK and not too infected! Glad the Move ordeal is over!

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

That is probably the most harrowing tale of moving I've ever heard!! How horrible for all involved. We sure are happy you're moved over, those roomates sound ridiculous.


Willie said...

Holey moley, that's an awful story. I sure am glad to hear that everyone finally made it to the new home, but it sure was a whale of a tale.
Mom Tara, I hope your hand gets better soon, I'm sure he didn't mean to hurt you so much, him was just scared.
Glad it over now and you can all start adjusting to the new house.


Eric and Flynn said...

What a scary experience!!! We are glad you are all now safely moved. The room mates sound very irresponsible. It's best your mum does go to the Bean V E T so she can get Auntie's Biotiks to get her finger better.

Daisy said...

Oh my goodness, what a horrible ordeal! I am glad that everyone is safe and accounted for now. Please tell your mom to be very careful about her finger; it sounds very hurty!

Max said...

=whew= I was really really worried for a minute that Cody was lost for good. I'm sorry about your Mom bleeding and REALLY sorry about her uncle. That's a stressful weekend for sure.

Junior and Orion said...

Wow! What a time you have had! We are so sorry you went through all that. So many people just don't understand about indoor cats, or are just thoughtless. We hope you don't have this trouble anymore! We also hope your Moms hand isn't to bad!

The Furry Kids said...

How awful! We hope your mom's hand feels better soon. Lots of hugs and purrs to all of you.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

What a bunch of morons! It doesn't take much for folks to make sure to NOT let the kitties out, but I has the same problem. I don't have roommates but anyone coming to the house can't be bothered to make sure the door is closed. So, I am so glad your mom finally managed to get all of you moved. I hope she will be all right. A cat bite can be very painful!

Cory said...

Big hugs and purrs to all of you that you are now settled and that horrible weekend is behind you! You deserve a big rest.

Two Greyhound Town said...

It is exhausting just reading about your moving adventures. Do you have roommates now? I bet everyone is having fun exploring their new home.

William said...

OMG, how awful for all of you! I can't imagine how upset your mom was when Cody went missing. That upset my mom just reading about it!

I hope your mom sees this before she goes to the mom fix-it place. When my mom got a bad bite from my old sis Sophie (the only time she'd ever done that, and it was in response to a painful shot Mom was giving her), Sophie's vet talked my mom into going to urgent care. And that was after she made my mom scrub the wound with surgical soap for eons. Mom really didn't think it was necessary but she did do it. The point is, where we live, all animal bites have to be reported and the animal is removed and placed into quarantine! Well, THAT upset my mom so much she 1.) refused the tetanus shot and 2.) did not turn in the paperwork on the way out. Sophie was so sick then that Mom would have never permitted her removal. Sorry for the ramble, but if this is the law where you are, make something up about your wounds.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Ya know, it just makes me more suretain how bad the "M" word really is. Is it ofur now? I fink der will be a lot of under bed time afore you all go asplorin da new place. Lots of fur an purr therapy, especially to yur mom!