Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thursday Thirteen & Doodle

The doodle of us - well, minus Camie - dogs are hard.

Here are thirteen differences between our old littermaid and our new one.

1.) Our old box was a bit narrower and shorter than the new one. It doesn't fit well on the "stand" Mom has put together for it.

2) Our new box bottom comes apart more easily to clean.

3) Our new box has a removable raking arm to make it easier to clean.

4) Our new box has a clock on it.

5) The clock enables us to turn it off at night if we need to.

6) Our new litter box is quieter than our old one.

7) We were used to the loudness of the old one, so we don't need to turn off the raking arm at night. Besides, with 3 cats using it, we wouldn't do that anyway.

8) Our new litter box emits ions after the raking arm scoops.

9) Our old litter box's scoop doesn't fit the rake of the new one - it came with a new scoop. We now have 3 scoops. One for the big stuff, and 2 small ones to clean the tines of the rake.

10)The rake on the old litter box had plastic tines. The new one has metal ones.

11) It seems to be lighter weight than our old one.

12) This one hasn't gotten stuck yet. Our old one would get stuck about once every couple of days. Especially with Tiki's pee problems. This one seems to power thru it.

13) This one came in a lot more pieces that Mom had to put together (and she did it without looking at the instructions). She said it was very self-explanatory.

All in all, we like our new littermaid litter box. Mom says she is having to scoop it less (our old one wouldn't pick up the stuff stuck on the bottom of the box - we like to pee deep). It also seems to hold a bit more litter, so it doesn't need to be filled quite as much. If any of you are thinking of getting an automatic litter box, we love ours. We have only ever had one litter box to share between the three of us, never knowing that the rule of thumb is supposed to be one per cat plus one (we have no idea where we would even put that many). Having the automatic box is like having fresh litter all the time. As we said on Monday's post, we have had one since they were invented, and love it.

Mom has changed the set up a little tho because the "box" for waste is too small to handle 3 cats. She bought 2 plastic drawers that were big enough to hold the litter box and put them back to back. She turned one upside down, but pulled the drawer out and put that one back in right side up. The other drawer is where she stores some of our supplies. She lines the right side up drawer in the upside down box with a trash bag and doesn't put the "box" that comes with the automatic box where it goes. Our waste dumps into the trash bag lined drawer. She pulls the bag out a couple of times a week and throws it away and puts a new bag in. She never has to touch anything, and everyone is happy. The drawer system also seems to contain all of the smell. We will take pictures of our set-up if you would like us to.


Kimo & Sabi said...

Hehehehe - we likes yer doodles!

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Wow, your mom is very handy, finding a solution like that for your automatic litter box. Our mom wants one when we move back to Canada (she can't seem to find any that will work with the German power system, plus they are expensive, so she doesn't want to have to buy another one when we move back to Canada.) Enjoy your new litter box!

Your doodles are cute. :)

Zoolatry said...

Doodlie Doo to all of you.

Sabrina, Sam and Simon said...

Your doodles are darling! And we would like to see the setup of your new pees and poops station, too; momma is pretty organized and likes seeing things like that! But watch out for those ions, they sound scary ... hee hee!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon

TT said...

Oooooooo I tinks Shadow and Molly shoulds have one of those. Mommy Bean is now thinkings of getting one.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Hey, you drew doodles and you gots a new "doodle box"! Hee Hee

Sam, that is not funny!

All the other Taylor CatSSSS groan!

Claire said...

I love the doodles! You have done an excellent job :)

and I agree dogs are much harder to doodle :)

Thank you for playing along with Doodle Week.

Tybalt said...

Great doodles!

Mommy is very interested in the litterbox and setup. . . especially since Ivy is our "special" litterbox kitty . . . flinging kitty litter and poo is her favorite sport.


Hi Cody! Thanks for saying we are pretty, you handsome mancat! Purrrs.

~Holly and Ivy

Daisy said...

Your new litter box sounds more betterer than the old one!

I like your doodles, especially the "M" on Cody's forehead.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I do not know if our first comment went through and now this is just being silly or what.

You are very lucky with your litterbox set up. We are glad to hear the new litter boxes are easier to clean. We have a regular one because Georgia is afraid of the automatic one!

DEBRA said...

Grreeaaaat doodles!

Momma is afraid we would not use the new litterboxes... she would love to get one like yours...


Lux said...

Love your doodles!

Mom keeps checking out the automatic litter boxes so she was glad to read your review!

Moki said...

Cute doodles!

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Fancy! If we used regular litter I bet we'd have one but we use crystals. We're with you, how on earth do people fit so many litter boxes in their houses? We have 2- one in our guest bedroom which we use much less than the high traffic kitchen one.


Skeezy said...

Win I winned Catster's Werlds Coolest Cat Contest last yeer, the man in the bloo shorts sent me one of theeze for free. But we haven't used it yet cuz with me having the sqwerts all the time, it wood kinda gum up the werks. And it duzn't fit in owr cat box howse on the balconey.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

We use to haf one of dem...we still haf it but it's Zippy's only now and we haf a "giant" litter box cuz Speedy kept doing his huge pee pees right on da tines and dat would make 'em jam up and mom would hafta scoop afor da tines would move.

William said...

Love your self-portraits!

We have a giant box, too, that we all share. My mom would love a self-cleaning box, but...

Skeeter, LC, and Ayla said...

Thatr sounds cool. We are gonna be tryin out a new litterbox system too, soon!

Mr. Echo said...

I used a bocks like that when I wuz little. It made Daddy say vary bad wurdz when he had to kleen it. When it broke he did a happy danse and now we gots regular bocks with reely high sides. Daddy still hates cleening them but he duzzint say the bad wurds like beeforr. I kinda miss watchin the ole bocks kleen up after my dumpies tho.

Alasandra said...

We need one of those. ~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

Tyler said...

My mom would really like to see a picture of your littermaid set up. Her biggest problem with our's is how quickly the box fills up. With your system in place, is there much climbing? Would our arthritic old geezer sister be able to get in there without a problem? This is very exciting. If we could fix our littermaid so that we could use only automatic litterboxes, mom would be one happy woman!

Your doodles are adorable!