Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Terrified Tabby Tuesday

I am one seriously scared kitty. Tonight Mom saw me in our room, and saw that I was really far from the door, so she shut the door. She knows I hate the door being shut. How else can I escape from her if the door is shut? I ran around for a while and tried to hide from her and she tried to tempt me with Temptations. I wasn't having any of those. I kept hissing at her, and I finally tried to hide behind the shears. She got our crocheted blanket that is a squillion miles big, and threw it over me, and wrapped me up in it, and shoved me in a box. I couldn't really see where I was because there was no way I was coming out from under the blanket. It was the only thing keeping me safe in there. I could hear her getting some stuff together and then the box started moving. It moved for a couple of minutes and then it was put down, and the box door was opened, and Mom started to move the blanket. She moved it enough for me to see I could escape that horrid box, and I ran and hid.
Here I am hiding under this big thing on stilts. It is a good place to hide, but Mom can still see me under here. Fortunately, it doesn't look like she can touch me tho. As you can see, I am telling her to go away and leave me alone. It is very scary and I am all alone.
Mom left me alone for a while and came back with some more stuff and opened a can of food for me and then just laid down on top of the big thing on stilts. She would talk to me every once in while, and she kept trying to tell me how sorry she was for scaring me and how bad she felt, but that I would be okay. She would also get off the big thing on stilts every once in a while and look at me. She tried to give me Temptations, but how do I know that they aren't poisoned or something.
See, you can see she has scattered some around for me, but I am not going to fall for those again.
In other news, Mom made a big mistake. When she put me in the moving box and took me to the other room, she forgot to put the lid on our treat jar, and Camie helped herself. If you remember what this looked like in the after shot on Sunday and how it looks now, you can see that she needs to get us some more Temptations.

Mom here: I feel horrible. Cody was crying and hissing at me when I shut the door, but it was the perfect opportunity to get him. He got very calm once he was in the PTU and stopped crying, but as you can see from the top picture, he did cry a couple of times in my room in my new place. I put him in there because I do have roommates and there is a strange woofie he hasn't had the chance to meet yet. I will be moving the rest of us in tomorrow. I can't leave him alone longer than a night. He truly hates being shut up, but until I can be there to make sure everyone knows the rules about closed outside doors, it is for the best, and I will feel horribly guilty until then.


TT said...

Cody *sigh* I knows how furry scared you must be! You know if you wants you can teleports here, we has lots of dark hidey spaces and wont be bothereds by a bean there. Purrs to you my friend, you seems to need my strength to gets through your ordeal now!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, moving is no fun! It is always very scairty in a new place. Cody, we hope you find a really good hidey hole until it's safe to come out.

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Oh Cody, we are sorry that you are so scared. We hope that you will get used to the new place quickly.

Tyler said...

Dear Cody's Mom,

Please don't feel guilty. You needed to move him. It was never going to be an easy task for you or for him. At least you were able to move him. He will settle down. You are doing the best you can for him at this time. It will get better.

Hi Cody, I'm sorry that you were captured and forced into the PTU. That sounds absolutely horrible! Now eat your Temptations and get ready for Tiki and Tavi, Camie to come join you. It's going to get better and better around there.

Thanks for coming to visit us and leaving kind words!

Tybalt said...

Oh Cody, my man! I feel for you, buddy. Sometimes a mancat just has to hide to feel safe. You know mom means well, though, right? I'm sure you will feel better once you see Tiki and Tavi again.


OH CODY! HOW HORRIBLE! We will teleport over right away to keep you company. We'll even bring our own temptations so you know you can trust them!

~Holly and Ivy

PS: I know how horrible you must feel, Cody's mom. I hope he calms down soon for you.
~Tybalt's Mommy

Daisy said...

Well, at least the hardest part is over with (capturing and moving Cody). I hope things get settled soon and you can all relax.

Riley & Tiki said...

Poor Cody! We are sending calming purrs.

DEBRA said...

aWWW Cody it's gonna be alright, just give it a little time. We all know you are afraid but you know your Mom wouldn't let anything bad happen. Moving is hard on efurryone...we will keep you all in our purrs


PB & J said...

Oh Cody, how awful! But we know your mom wouldn't do it unless she absolutely had to! Moving is so hard, and now the hardest part is over and you can get started relaxing and learning about your new home.

Purrs to you and your Mom,
Pearl, Bert and Jake

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Don't feel guilty mom! You are keeping Cody safe which is the best thing to do. He'll forgive you soon.


Chairman Mao said...

Awwwww, big huggies to Cody and to yur Momma. She's a good Momma and is takin good care of you. Sounds like things are skeery fur you right now, but they'll get bettur again soonies.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Anonymous said...

Oh, (((((((hugs))))))) to Cody and Mom! Hang in there. Things will get better!

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

Fat Eric said...

Poor Cody! Moving is scary. But we are looking forwards to finding out about your new home.

Evergreen loves Kilroy said...

It's okay Cody! Things will settle down and you'll get used to the new place and then everything will be okay!

Lux said...

Everything will be okay, Cody! {{{hug}}} I know moving's upsetting and stuff, but afterwards you'll have fun exploring ... I'll bet!

Jimmy Joe said...

Oh no, Cody, I don't blame you for being scared. I think you will get used to your momma and your new place soon, though.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

Moki said...

Moving can be so scary! We don't blame you for being afraid!!!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Ugh, moving is horrible but da worst is over now and soon you'll make da new place yoor home and you'll find all da good places to hide.