Saturday, January 12, 2008

Come Home Mao (and an award)

Please come home Mao - we are all very worried about you! Everyone misses you and we think Skeezix may freeze to death without you there to snuggle with him.

Tyler awarded us the Life is Like Hell without Friends award. We are so touched. We feel really lucky that Mom allowed us to have our own blog. We have made so many friends since we started. Thank you Tyler.

We would like to pass on the award to:

Tara, Princess Meezer and Kavan because Tara and Mom share a name and because she and Kavan had a terrible, no good, very bad day recently when they came down the mountain, and they are such good friends to so many kitties.

Buddah and Max, because without them, a lot of kitties and doggies wouldn't be blogging. Buddah's was the very first blog we read, and we discovered an amazing community, and the name of the award just seems made for Max.

And finally, Jeter, because he makes us laf and laf.

Thank you again Tyler.


Diamond said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I have added a link to your blog in my sidebar and will be back for another read later.

Tara said...

Thank you Sweetheart, for thinking of us! Yes, what would we do without friends???

Tara and Kavan

Max said...

Wow, thank you! Buddah and I are indeed honored!