Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thursday Thirteen ~ Camie

Thirteen things about me:

  1. I am a former racer.
  2. I was adopted directly from the race track in Tiajuana, Mexico. I had been put in the kennel of the retired dogs and my first mom fell in love with me. I was hiding under a tree. She, my now mom and my papa were on a fundraising trip for the greyhound organization they volunteered for. I got to ride home on a brand new tour bus. (I will tell more about this when I tell my gotcha day story)
  3. I HATE riding in the car.
  4. Mom still makes me ride in the car with her to work in the summers - it is 2 miles and during the first week, I pant and whine and hate it. After that, I accept the hand fate has dealt me. I am so well behaved at her work, people often don't know I am there.
  5. I am allergic to grass - my feet get really itchy during the spring and summer, and Mom sometimes makes me wear boots when I am really itchy.
  6. I have a disease called Systemic Lupoid Onychodystrophy - an autoimmune disease which can cause severe claw problems in otherwise apparently healthy dogs. It is characterized by the loss of claws from more than one paw - eventually all claws may be lost. In one summer, I lost all of my claws. It hurt a lot.
  7. The summer I lost all of my claws, I was put on steroids. I was so hungry, I would eat anything I could to try to fill me up. I ate something I shouldn't have (we have no idea what) and it got stuck. It was a very expensive surgery to get whatever it was, out of my intestines. Mom was very poor that summer.
  8. All racing greyhounds are tatooed in both ears. The right ear containes our birth information - it is labled by birth month, birth year and letter of order of being tatooed. Mine is 67E - meaning I was born in June of 1997, and I was the fifth puppy in my litter to be tatooed. The left ear is our registration number - if mine was more clear, Mom could go online and look up my number to see how I did racing, but the middle 3 numbers are the only ones that are clear.
  9. My full name is Cambria, but I am only called that when I am in trouble. I was named after a young girl Mom knew, who was named after her uncle's boat which was probably named after the artist town just north of San Luis Obispo, California. Mom really likes that town.
  10. I have so many nicknames, Mom can't remember them all. Some of the ones I am called the most include, Camie, Bree, Bugsy, Bug, and Boo Bunny. Mom is weird.
  11. When I was first adopted, the tour bus I was on stopped at a rest area to let me go potty (so I wouldn't go in the brand new bus) and I saw a rabbit and almost took my Papa's arm off when I took off after it. I am so placid now, that Mom thinks a bunny could hop in front of me and I would give it a bath.
  12. I love to bathe my kitties.
  13. Mom thinks I was abused before I was adopted. I used to hide my head under the dresser when I slept, I would cringe when people would reach for something above my head, and I used to shake when strangers would stop my mom to ask about me (that happens all the time - you would think no-one had ever seen a greyhound before). Through my mom's love and attention, I now go up to strangers and demand attention and love. I've come a long way, baby.

I have lots more interesting stuff about me, but we will save that for a later time. Have a happy Thursday. ~ Camie


Karen Jo said...

Those are all very interesting facts about you, Camie. I am very sorry about your disease that caused you to lose your claws. I can just imagine how much that must have hurt. I agree that you have come a long way from when you were first adopted. I hope you have a long and happy life from now on.

Mickey said...

Camie,thanks for sharing this info about you. I think you are very lucky.Your home and Mom sounds divine :)
I put you on my blog today so other cats & beans can learn about you.
Purrs Mickey

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Camie you are a very interesting woofie! We have an ex-racer in the family too but she is a horse. She has a tattoo on her upper lip and it starts with an "E" which in horses means she was born in 2001.


TT said...

Camie, it is GREAT to know that now your furever home is loving to you!!

We have somethings in common - my mommy bean rescued me too and she thinks I was abused as well.

We hope here that we can be friends with you and your kittys. We's going to add you to our side bar!


Cheysuli and gemini said...

It is fascinating to learn all about you Camie!

Daisy said...

I am so glad you got rescued from the track. I have a friend who works with Hollydogs; she knows lots of greyhounds and has 4 herself.

Your claw disease sounds very hurty!

Thanks for telling us about you. You are very sweet.

Forty Paws said...

These are very interesting things about you! We are so glad that you were rescued. That is wonderful! We're sorry about your disease though, it sounds very painful.
We hate people who abuse animals. Period.

Luf, Us

Jan said...

Oh, we had a retired Greyhound living next door for a while. He was so sweet. Buddy was a little pup at the time and he and Merci just loved the guy. That was before Samaritan's time.

We're glad you have a good home now where you are happy and not abused.

jans funny farm

Artsy Catsy said...

Camie, we loved learning all about you! We love woofies, and have one of our own, but you are very special, indeed!

& all the Artsy Catsy kitties
& our woofie Pepper

Derby said...

Camie it is so nice to know more about you, a 40 mph couch potato. Sometimes when mum goes to my shelter they have greyhound rescue/adoption there. She gives them pets.

The Furry Kids said...

Camie, I'm sad to hear about your claws. That sounds so hurty. Momma loves greyhounds so much. She thinks you are so beautiful. We liked learning more about you.


The Furry Fighter said...

aw, my bean's godmother has racing grehounds, she keeps them afterwards too, not like some people who discard them like a worn sock :( my bean used to love playing with all the greyhounds when she was a child, she has a soft spot for you guys xxx

Nikita said...

Very cool to meet you, and your Cat Mates!

Daddy used to know a Lady, years ago, who raised Champion Show Boxers so he knows the hard work that goes into being an Athlete.

Thanks for stopping by my place, the other day.

I've added you to the Blogroll. ;-D