Saturday, January 31, 2009

Stroller Time

When Mom came home from work last night, she took me out in my stroller while she walked Camie. Here I am seeing where we are going.
This was our eventual destination. We went to Papa's (Mom's dad's) house. Mom had to pick up mail from Papa, so she wheeled me up to the door, and then unzipped the stroller and picked me up and let me in. I was so surprised to be back in my old house. I got to explore and Papa pet me.

After we got done at Papa's, I got put back in my stroller and off we went home. Now, I am watching where we were instead of where we were going. Papa is only a couple of houses from Mom, so she and Camie get to go there all the time, but this is only the second time I've been back.

And, there is our destination ahead.. It is a weird angle because the wall and fence you see belong to our neighbor, but you see all of our house, and Mom's car in the driveway.

Once we got home and Mom put my stroller away, she let me out for a few seconds to do a bit of exploring. Not that I could do much, because as you can see, Camie stuck to me like glue to make sure I didn't go anywhere.
(Dumb sisters)

Here is Camie right before we went in. Mom is doing a no-no here. Camie should be on a leash. When a greyhound is walked, they should always be on a leash because if they see something fluttering at the end of the block, or from the corner of their eye, they could (potentially) take off after it, and be lost before they know it. Greys don't see details when they run, they only see the object they are chasing, so they could be a mile away quickly without any clue as to how they got there. That being said, Camie just doesn't give a darn about anything but Mom, us cats and her bed. She doesn't seem to notice anything while she is outside, except for where Mom is going, so Mom felt comfortable enough to take off her leash before we went in the door but it is only with Camie that Mom would do that. Our first Grey, Hunter, had his leash on before he left the house, and it wasn't until he was back safely inside that it was taken off.

And finally, here I am recovering from my big adventure.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Formerly Feral Friday X2

It's treat time. There was a time when the two of us wouldn't share treats. Miss Jade would steal them all, but now we know if we share, we get a few more. Mom just has to watch out if she hand feeds Miss Jade because she is so enthusiastic about her treats that she has bitten Mom trying to get the treat even faster.

We are still purring hard for Moki. He is doing better and is eating, but he could still use our purrs.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful I can steal Tavi's favorite bed once in a while. Maybe he will even join me in the bed for a nice brotherly nap. It is big enough to share.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Meezer Rule Wednesday

When your Mom is gone for a couple of days, be prepared to do some posing for the flashy box. My rule - Demand skritches when you are posing.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tabby Tuesday

Sorry we haven't been around the last couple of days. As we said last week, Mom had to go up to Oregon. She and our Papa (grandpa) drove up there on Thursday, and came home on Saturday. Mama's grandpa died, and they went to his funeral. Mom said he was a wonderful man who was one of the first homesteaders of Alaska. He lived a great life. She got home late Saturday, and spent Sunday resting. We missed her, but were well taken care of. We are trying to get caught up with all of you, and will be around to visit you all as soon as we can.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Treat Thursday

Mom went shopping, and just look at what she got us.
There are 9 different bags of treats there. There are Temp-Ta-Shuns, Pounce treats, and Party Mix. We have never seen so many bags of treats at one time. Here I am checking them all out, and our new treat container.
Here is our new treat container, with all of the different layers of treats. And Below is a closer picture so you can see some of the shapes of the different treats. After Mom layers them, she shakes the container up so they are all mixed together, and we get all different kinds of treats when we get them.

Even Camie got a new treat container, and two boxes of her favorite treats. As you can see, in order to fill up her container, Mom needs at least another box of treats. Mom keeps her treats up high because she is a "counter surfer." They are kept on top of the TV armoire.

We will miss you while Mom is gone. She will be back really late on Saturday.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Hi, here is my rule for the day. If you share the dog's bed with your brother, she can't use it - hehe.
Also, Mom just told us that she is going to be gone on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, so we probably won't be blogging or visiting our friends. She has to go up to Oregon and freeze her buns off.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Treats on Tuesday

We are very sad today as our treat jar is broken and will no longer contain our treats properly. Because of that, we have to make Mom go get us a new treat jar and some new treats. We had more in there, but a bunch fell out when Mom picked it up and we got to nom them all up. (Mom keeps the treat jar next to her bed).

Monday, January 19, 2009

Meezer Monday

Mom said she had a surprise for us today. She doesn't have to go to work today. Woohoo! We get an extra day home with mom. You can tell I'm really excited by the news. Mom said she is going to dedicate the day to us (as soon as she wakes up), and we are going to get to visit all of our friends. We can't wait.

Also, Auntie Deb is having major back surgery today. Please stop by KC's blog and leave her a special message. We have all missed her so much and are purring for a speedy recovery. Auntie Deb, we hope that this surgery makes your back all better so you can move around without being in any pain. We love you.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wrestlemania Aftermath

We've been having fun wrestling. We are trying to play King of the Dog Bed. We each take turns winning. As you can see, this time Tavi won, but we are about tied, score wise.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Finally Friday

Hi - We are sorry we don't have a picture today, and we are really sorry we haven't been around to visit all of you. Mom has been very tired, and has been falling asleep at weird times, and then waking up in the middle of the night only to fall asleep again. And then yesterday, she tried to squash Camie with her body....what's that Mom? You didn't try to squash her?? It sure looked like it to us. Oh, you fell and almost fell on her. Well, whatever, it's a good thing Camie is a greyhound and can move fast - hehe.
So, anyway, Mom fell almost on Camie and said she was sore and achy so she took a muscle relaxer which made her fall asleep about 4 hours too early. But because of that, we haven't gotten to visit all of our friends or had our picture taken. Mom said that on Saturday and Sunday, she is going to make a point to help us visit everyone.
Miss Jade says "Thank you for all of your well wishes and congratulations." We are glad to have her officially be our sister.
PS - Mom says she is fine, just sore. We kindof walked between her feet, causing her to trip when she tried to side-step. But, we will deny it if anyone asks us.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Hi Everyone! I have a lot to be thankful for today. Something has happened that I am happy about. I don't know if you remember or not, but when I first got to this house, I started out calling my bean the nice lady person, then she was the nice lady mom person, and then the mom lady person, then just the mom person, and finally just Mom or Mama. Well, she said that she has failed as a foster mother because she removed Adoptable from my Catster page, and I get to stay here forever and ever. I am no longer a foster kitty, but a real live adopted kitty with a family all of my own. Mom said it was time to give in to the inevitable. I'm not quite sure what that means exactly, except I now officially have a Mom and 2 brothers and a woofie sister.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Meezer Rule Wednesday

My rule for today: When you have a newish bed, make sure that you give it some lovin', so it still feels like part of the family and doesn't feel leftout if you move to another bed later.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tabby Tuesday & Goodbye Friend

Treat time is the only time I will come up on the bed when Mom is home and awake. I know you can't tell in this picture, but only my front feet are on the bed. Mom keeps one of our PTU's at the end of the bed because some silly Tonkinese boy likes to go in there and sleep. I am standing on the PTU with only my front feet on the bed because I don't trust Mom not to do something to me. Not that she ever has except when she threw a blanket over my head and shoved me in the PTU and moved me to this place - I hated that!

Tavi says he is sorry he wasn't here yesterday to grace you with his presence, but our internet was very slow because of our roommate was downloading something really big that took 24 hrs to finish.

We also heard our dear friend, Bow, from Forty Paws was helped over the bridge yesterday. He also had renal failure and was having a hard time moving like Tiki was at the end. Their mama is very sad today without her Bow. Please stop by and give them some hugs and purrs.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hug O' War

We saw that some of our beans might have had their feelings hurt this weekend, and Meezer Mom had a great idea. She thinks it is time for Weekend Hugs again and we agree, so we are sharing one of our favorite poems that shows our feelings. We love you all and are sending out (((HUGS))) to all of our friends.
Hug O' War

by Shel Silverstein

I will not play at tug o' war.

I'd rather play at hug o' war,

Where everyone hugs

Instead of tugs,

Where everyone giggles

And rolls on the rug,

Where everyone kisses,

And everyone grins,

And everyone cuddles,

And everyone wins.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Morning Sleep-In

I have a new bed. I have abandoned my Garfield bed for this new one. It is a lot like a Millie bed, but Mom got it at the drug store. She said it was practically a steal. I don't think she should steal anything because then she would go to jail, and there wouldn't be anyone to take care of us. Maybe somecat should send help?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Formerly Feral Friday

I was doing my best to show my disinterest in having my picture taken. I think it worked. Sometimes a girl just doesn't feel like cooperating.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Anatomy of Treat Eating

We know we've posted something like this before, but Mom loves the way I love treats, so she took another series of pictures of me eating a variety of treats - both Temptations and our new favorites, Pounce Crunchy treats.
First, you have to stick your nose in and snifffffff the treats.

Then you crunch them up. It helps to close your eyes so you can savor them more.

Then, you lick your lips and nose to make sure no crumbs escaped.

Then you start all over again.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Meezer Rule Wednesday

First of all - Mom is a total Dweeb. She took video of me playing with my new toy, but she turned the camera on it's side and so our video is sideways.

Anyway - here is my new rule - We got a new toy - a Fling-ama-string. So when you get a new toy, you can play with it a little bit, but it is also good to just look at it too. You never know what it is going to do.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tabby Tuesday Threefer

Mom kept trying to tempt me to look at her, but I didn't want the flashy to go off in my eyes, so everytime she started to take my picture, I either looked away or down, or closed my eyes - mol.
I'm not really all that upset. I slept with Mom quite a while last night, and even let her pet me before she fell asleep. I will usually only sleep near her, not right next to her like I did last night. It was kind of nice.

Mom saw Einstein over the holidays again, and tried to take lots of pictures of him. He was more interested in playing, so she only got this one picture of him. Mom thinks he is just adorable, but she has said that he is staying where he is, and we are not getting any more cats.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Meezer Monday

We are all very sad today because Mom went back to work. It has been nice having her home for the last two weeks, and we are sad to see her back at work, but we suppose that she does have to earn money to buy our food and treats.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sister & Sad Saturday

Go Away Mom!

Can't you see I am trying to carry on a conversation with my sister. Sometimes you just need to talk to one of your best buddies, and Camie is definately one of my best buddies. She gives great ear washes.

We also wanted to say goodbye to our friend Castor. He was much too young to go to the bridge. His Mommy and Brother, Pollux, are heartbroken right now.
Castor, we remember the day you were born and so enjoyed seeing pictures of you as you got big enough to leave your Mommy's side. We were so glad when we hear you were adopted with your brother, and even more excited when we found out the two of you would be blogging so we could watch you grow. You were just over a year old. We are going to miss you so much. Goodbye dear friend.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Formerly Feral Friday

Mom has to go back to work on Monday. We aren't too happy about that. We wish she could stay home longer because she hasn't been home with us as much as we would like...of course, we would want her home 24/7 just to cater to all of our needs.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - New Year's Edition

Well, we decided we would post Thirteen Resolutions for the New Year.
  1. Get more hamm to eat.
  2. Get more treats to eat.
  3. Get more real live dead shrimp to eat.
  4. Taste anything Mom is eating that looks good.
  5. Get more skritches.
  6. Get more time in the stroller.
  7. Get more walks (Camie).
  8. Make Mom stay home more.
  9. Make Mom get us more toys.
  10. Make Mom help us get around to see more of our friends' blogs.
  11. Cuddle with Mom more.
  12. Help kitties (and woofies) in our local shelter.
  13. Purr that everyone will be safe and healthy in 2009 and that all the outdoor kitties find a forever home or someone to take care of them.