Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tortie Tuesday with Gracie

Well, not much has been happening around here. Mom has been subbing a lot more, so she is gone quite a bit during the day. She says it's a good thing because then she can buy us our foods and litter, and treats and toys, but we miss her. It's been on the cool side for us Southern Californians (high 40's to low 50's), so I've consented to let Mom cover me with a blanket. I used to be scared of being covered by the blanket, but I don't mind it so much any more. Last night, I even snuggled next to mom under the blanket with my head on her arm. She made a pretty good pillow until she decided to move.

In other news, Cody has finally let Mom pet him without having to eat treats. He will only do it while under cover of the table, and it takes Mom about 15 minutes to win his trust, but once she does, she can pet him for a long time. He even rubs his head against Mom's hand to get more pets, and he purrs the whole time. Mom says it's really awkward for her because she has to sit in her chair, and stretch her arm down the side of it, and then up under the table to be able to pet him, but it's worth it to her.

We have also had an evil red dot invade our house. I keep trying and trying to catch it, but it moves so fast, I end up sliding on the tile floor while I'm trying to catch it. Mom hopes to get video one day, but it tends to only show up when it's dark outside, and most of the house is dark, so a video would probably be very dark also. I'll have to see if I can find the evil red dot in the daytime. Even Cody tries to catch it a little bit.

Cody and I have also been getting along better. He will come out into the rest of the house now, instead of hiding in his clubhouse (behind the couch). He yells at me when I come near him, but I haven't been swatting him as much. When Mom sees me getting close to him, she tells me to behave, and I mostly do. Mom thinks part of my swatting him, is half me wanting to play with him, and half me being a brat. I can't make up my mind whether I like him or not, so I keep getting close to him and then the swat just happens.

In case Mom won't let us blog again before Christmas, we hope everyone has a fun but safe holiday. Our Christmas wish, as always, is for all kitties to find a home and become formerly feral, kind of like Cody is becoming.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Purrs of thanks!

After being missing for two weeks, our buddy Kimo is now safely back home. We know how thrilled we are that he is back home...we can only imagine how happy his mom, dad, brother, and girlbean are. You can visit him here

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tortie Tuesday

This may not be the best picture, but this is where I love to sleep while Mom is on the computer. Sometimes she has to really stretch her neck to see over me - mol. We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

PS - we were so sorry to hear that Emma ran off to the bridge. We are purring for you Herman and Miss Karen Jo.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Cody getting pets

These images are really terrible, but since I hide and don't like to come out from under the protection of the table, Mom wanted to show you, she can actually pet me, and I will eat out of her hands.  In the last picture, it looks like Mom is digging her claws into me, but she's not, she's just giving really good skritches (and while it looks like I get a lot of treats, I'm supposed to tell you it's mostly dry food that Mom mixes with Temptations, Party Mix, Whisker Lickin's and sometimes Greenies)

I am still not really comfortable having her reach over me to give me skritches (that's why they don't look so good), but I won't come up to her level like I used to before, so she puts down lots of treats, and tries to reach along the side of me before going over my back or head.

I am becoming more comfortable being out, and I told off Gracie the other day for bothering me.  I love it because Mom always yells at Gracie for bothering me - hehe.  I will wander out into the kitchen to yell for food, and then sometimes go on into the dining and living room.  My primary home is still in the den behind the sofa. 

Happy Monday everyone.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Formerly Feral Friday

 Hi - it's me Cody - I came out of hiding because Mom said she would let me post instead of the evil Gracie.  This is where I like to eat.  Mom was feeding me under the table I'm mostly hiding under, but she is trying to make me feel more comfortable coming out into the rest of the house.  I kind of like my little clubhouse under and behind the couch (except when Gracie tries to break in).  Mom put my litterbox on the other side of the cat tree, so I don't have to bother with the evil menace that calls herself Gracie.

 This picture is of the Evil Intruder Kitty (EIK) that has decided the lounge outside is a good place to nap.  Mom has seen EIK up there a couple of times.  Mom isn't feeding it or taking care of it in anyway because we think it might have a home.  It looks very well fed.  Mom thinks it likes the lounge because it is really warm there because of the big bathtub there - it reflects the sun.

Actually - we don't know if EIK is evil or not.  Gracie doesn't seem bothered by her/him - and s/he has been back there quite a few times that Mom has seen.

Mom says I have to show this picture too since Gracie is also kindof F.F.  Gracie is finally leaving me alone - right before this, she had been playing with the wand toy you see in the picture.  I was trying to play with it, but she broke into my clubhouse, so I had to hide.  Mom stopped playing with me so Gracie would leave me alone.    

We hope everyone has a great weekend.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hello Again

This is how I have been spending a lot of my time. Mom has been busy unpacking and cleaning out Papa's house. It took almost 6 weekends for them to go through everything and throw a lot of stuff away. But, it's better now. There are still things to put away, but there are only a couple of boxes left for me to play in, so I think they are mostly done.

I've also been spending a lot of time up here. Mom will sometimes play with me on here, and I can look out the big glass window here and see the birds and other animals that visit. Sometimes Mom goes out through the giant window and gets in a huge bathtub and moves around a lot. I cry and cry and cry for her when she's outside in that bathtub. She won't get out of it though for a long time. She says she's swimming, but I just think she's nuts.

Cody is hiding as usual. He has decided that in back and under the couch is where he wants to live now, so Mom is babying him. She puts our food under the table where he feels safe, and she went out and bought him a new litterbox that I get yelled at for going near. She put it at the end of the table next to MY cat tree, and spoiled the spot I might want to sit in to look outside. She's also put a blanket and bed behind the couch and yells at me if I go back there. It's not my fault he won't come out from under the couch if I'm back there - I don't tease him too much. Mom says that he has let her pet him a couple of times, but he still doesn't feel safe enough for the daily petting that he was getting right before our move. He does come and demand food (which he wasn't doing at first) and treats, and will take the treats from Mom's hand. Mom is just giving him time she says. He played a bit with the wand toy tonight, but Mom says I ruined his fun. I don't see why she blames me - it's my toy after all, and I was playing with it first. I shouldn't be yelled at because he butted in on my fun.

Mom has also been using the hot as hell box a lot. She even let me try some of her cookie. It was delicious. It was tangy, and cinnamony, and yummy. It had a weird name though - snickerdoodle. She says she is going to be baking a lot more now, because she has a kitchen she can move around in again, and it's a lot cooler here at Papa's.

Mom says she promises to help us blog a lot more than once a month. We will see if she sticks to her promise.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Remember

While there is no denying the terrible loss of life and peace of mind on 9/11/01, we also remember the extraordinary acts of courage that day also. The ordinary people, firefighters, and police who risked and often lost their lives, either trying to rescue people or carrying people out of the two towers, helped to remind us that even in the face of a terrible act of terrorism, most people are so much better than we often give them credit for.

The FDNY raising a flag over the rubble of the towers, reminding us that we, as a nation, can recover.

The Pentagon Memorial at night. Many military personnel and civilians gave their lives trying to save colleagues.

This sculpture was a gift from Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian people, and was dedicated on the 5th anniversary of 9/11. It is meant to symbolize the sadness over the loss of life, but also the hope that one day we will be crying tears of joy when we eradicate terrorism.

We also can't forget the heroes of Flight 93, who chose to fight back against the hijackers and lost their lives when the plane crashed into a field in Pennsylvania.

And finally our hope for peace in the years to come.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

All Moved

Well, we are finally all moved (we've been here since last Sunday but Mom didn't finish moving until Thursday ). It's not bad being here. There is lots more room like Cody said there would be, and a tower that we get fed on top of. Mom says that this was the easiest move yet with Cody. It only took about 15 minutes to corner him in the bathroom and convince him that the PTU was the place to be safe. He only gave her 5 scratch marks when he used her arm as a spring board trying to get away from everyone. Once he was in the PTU, he calmed right down and didn't create a fuss in the car at all. I, on the other hand, was very easy to put in the PTU, but once I was in it, and in the car, I cried most of the way to my new home.

Once in our new home, I explored a bit and decided it wasn't so bad. Cody took off and hid, and Mom didn't see him until last night. She got worried that he might have slipped out somehow, even though there was no way he could have because he doesn't like going near the door. So she locked me in her room with her for the night, and in the morning the food dish was empty and the litter box had been used, so she knew he was just hiding. He did show himself last night for about 10-15 seconds when Mom surprised him, but today, he actually came partially out of hiding to get treats. Mom is hoping that he will start to venture out further once he feels comfortable again.

It's been nice getting to know Papa too. He gives good skritches, but don't tell him I told you. Mom says that he likes to seem like a tough guy, but he's really just a marshmallow. Well, I better go. Mom still has movies and stuff to put away and I need to snoopervise.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Goodbye Sweet Little Mancat

We were absolutely heartbroken to hear that Beignet went to the bridge today during his second surgery. Mom Paula, Mom Terri, Chloe and Truffle, we are purring for you.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Goodbye and Purrs

We are so sorry that it was Miss Peach's time to go to the bridge. She was such a gentle ladycat, and we are going to miss her very much. We are purring for her Mama, LapDaddy and grandbean, Cole.

We are also purring for Beignet. He developed a VAS after his first vaccination and will be having another surgery tomorrow. Please send purrs for him. He will not be able to live with his Mom Paula and littermate, Truffle. He will be staying with his cat mom, Chloe and his human mom, Terri. Please send purrs to them also.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Goodbye Big Mancat

Our friend Kismet ran off to the bridge this morning in his sleep. We are so sorry to see him go. He was such an inspiration to us. His blog was one of the first ones we read when before we started our own. We will miss hearing of all of your adventures, Kismet.

Sophie and your Person, we are purring that you will find some comfort in knowing that Kismet was loved the world over.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Toys

A couple of weeks ago, Cody and his mom had a contest to win a coupon for a free bag of Innova food. We won, and the package came today. Inside was more than just a free coupon. We got two mousies, a nice note, and a bumper sticker. The note said that the pink mousie was just for me. I LOVE it. I've been playing with it off and on all evening.

As you can see, Mom let me check out both mousies (and her computer mousie too), but I went straight for my pink mousie.

I think she needs a name - will you help me name her?

In other news, the "M" word has been mentioned again. Mom lost her job at the end of April and was doing substitute work for the school district, but there isn't any work in the summer, so Mom has been doing some work from home. Unfortunately, the company that Mom was doing work for seems to have gone belly up also, and they still owe Mom for 3 weeks of work. So, we are going to be moving back in with Papa by the end of the month. I've never lived there before, so I'm a little scared. Cody says that Papa is nice and that I will like it there. He also says there will be lots more room, and a tower that I can play on. So, I guess it won't be so bad.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Purrs for Ayla

Our friend Ayla had to have surgery yesterday. When TBT went in to check on her after she came home, he found her bleeding from her stitches. He rushed her to the emergency v-e-t. We are purring for her to get better. She needs purrs, so we are sending her ours.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Visitor Visiting

Hi everyone. No, this woofie isn't moving in with us. He's just visiting. He's been okay, except he has barked at me (Gracie) a couple of times. Mom tells him "NO!" when he does that. His mama is on vacation, so he is staying here, keeping us company. He has a couple of cats of his own, so he mostly knows how to behave around us. We're still a little leery of him tho - after all, he's not Camie.

He's been here since Wednesday, and will be staying with us about two weeks. At night, Mom says she feels like the filling in a sandwich. Diddy (the woofie) is sleeping tight next to her on one side, and I am on the other side, sleeping tight next to her. Usually, I don't sleep touching her so much, but I have to make sure she remembers she belongs to me (and Cody) and not the woofie. He did bring us some treats tho, so I guess he's okay - especially because he's not staying - mol.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Adieu Sweet Friend

We lost another of our oldest friends today. Bubbles ran off for the bridge after being sick for a while. We are all going to miss him. Adieu sweet friend.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just a quick update

Hey everyone. We had a miracle at our house last night. Cody has been letting Mom pet him almost every night now, and boy does he love it. He rubs on her and leans into her hand and raises his butt up into the air. And when he's done with pets, or I spook him, he takes off - but at least he's allowing Mom to pet him.

Last night, something different happened - well, actually two somethings.... Cody let Mom pet him while he was on the floor. He usually only allows pets when he comes up on the bed. The second thing that happened was truly a miracle... Cody let Mom pick him up and put him on the bed. She decided to see what would happen if she put her hand under his tummy, and she just scooped him up and put him on the bed. He didn't stay there, but he didn't fight her when she picked him up. Do you all remember what happened the last time Mom picked him up??? See here and here.

Mom is glad he let her pick him up without going ballistic. She is hoping that she can keep picking him up and maybe one day get him to the v-e-t for a check-up. Since he's always been so feral - he's not been since he had his hoohaectomy. Fortunately, we're indoor only cats, and he's been healthy.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Goodbye Jack

We are so sad. One of our friends had to go to the bridge today. He was a greyhound who lived with his mommy and daddy and grey-sister, Scout in Missouri. Jack loved camping, playing with Scout, and watching Judge Judy. He broke his leg today and when they took him to the vet, it was discovered that he had cancer that had spread throughout his body. We are crying that he's gone, and know his family will miss him terribly as will we. Goodbye Jack - have fun running at the bridge with Camie.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Hello again

Wow, we can't believe it's been over two months since we've posted. So much has happened in that time. Mom has changed jobs, and has gone on vacation for the first time in forever. We know she's gone to Washington DC almost every year, but that was always work. This time she went on a real true vacation. She left us for a week to go to Zion National Park. She went with our Papa, her brother, sister-in-law, nephew, niece and niece's husband. She said she truly felt like she got to relax for the first time in forever. The only thing she said she worried about the entire trip was us (we had someone coming in to feed us, but she still likes to worry). She said she posted all her pictures on facebook if any of your beans are interested.

We do have some other big news to share regarding a certain grey kitty in our house. It seems like this grey kitty has truly discovered how nice pets can be. He comes up on the bed for treats at night and will let Mom give him pets. He's even been heard to purr every night for the last week. Cody has even let Mom zoom groom him, but that scares him a bit.

As for me, I am still the same. I still love my Mama, and still like to prick her with my claws when I am loving on her. I really need to stop pricking her because it just makes her give me clippy claws that much more. I still am not fond of Cody, and he's still scared of me, but he will come on the bed when I'm up there ( he's been too scared to do it for a long time).

Mom says she's trying to save up to get another pair of Tonks. She went to a cat show put on by the Tonk association, here in CA. The breed has changed a bit in the last 18 years, but just in looks-they are still the same loving puppy cats that they've always been. She says she misses the constant lap kitty presence - I will sleep on or near her, but only if she's laying on the couch. I won't sit on her lap, and as far as Cody has come, he'll never be a lap kitty - afterall, it's taken 11 years just to get him to like bring petted.

Well, we think that is all that's happened in the last two months. We hope we are able to blog more in the upcoming months. Mom hasbeen slacking as usual. Bye for now.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Gotcha Plus One

Yesterday was my gotcha day. This is one of the very first pictures taken of me. I was still unsure of what being in a house and having a bean to love was all about. That has certainly changed. I now love being inside, and hate having to go outside.

I have started to sleep on Mom almost all the time on the couch, and I love to lay on her and turn my head up towards her so that I am looking at her upside down. I also have started to sleep with her more than I used to at night. I will sleep on the bed, but haven't really liked to touch her when she's asleep, which Mom thinks is funny, since when she is out on the couch, I love to come up and sleep next to her. I love to sleep on my back cuddled up right next to her with all my feet resting on her. I refuse to do that in bed tho.

I asked Mom for a special gift this year for my gotcha/birthday. I asked Mom to donate some money for the kitties and woofies that were left hurt and homeless in Japan. We donated through World Vets. We are purring for all the animals and beans in Japan and everyone affected by the tsunamis all across the Pacific.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A sad day

We are so sorry to hear that Mickey ran off to the bridge. We know how sad his mom and siblings must be. We will be purring for them.

We are also purring for everyone in Japan and everyone who has been affected by the earthquakes and tsunamis.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

You'll Never Guess

You'll never guess what that woman who calls herself my mother did to me!!! She picked me up (which I hate) and took me outside and let a sticky person touch me. It was horrifying.

I suppose I should tell you everything. We live in an apartment, and I like to sit in the windows that face the middle of the the two buildings (the two buildings form a U with a pool/grassy area in the middle). Anyway, one of our neighbors has a sticky person that likes to say "Hi" to me. That's not so bad because he's on one side of the window, and I'm on the other. Tavi didn't mind saying "Hi" to him up close and personal, but I haven't been outside since I was adopted.

So, anyway, this sticky person gave Mom a box and bag of food for us, so she made me go out and thank him in person. I could have thanked him very well from inside where I was safe from all the scary stuff outside. Besides, while I like to sleep on Mom and lay next to her, I hate being picked up. It has to be my idea to get in her lap.

I was so traumatized after my experience, I had to come in and curl up in my favorite blanket and take a nap.

P.S. Mom is thinking of changing our blog name - we aren't sure about it. What do y'all think?