Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Gracie Tuesday

Me Gracie. Me like to run and chase the other kitties across the Two-legged Mom person. Me scratch her leg and foot. Me sorry. Me just like to chase others kitties, especially Miss Jade. Two-legged Mom person gets mad at me when me chase her. Me just trying to play.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Meezer Monday

This is where I can be found any time Mom is in the living room with us. I love my new bed. The good thing is that I will be in it a lot for the next two days. Mom is on staycation today and tomorrow.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Formerly Feral Friday

We are not sure why this didn't post like it was supposed to - but here you go.

Well, I am still hiding out under the bed, but I will come out for treats. Mom is hoping I will start to feel safe enough to come out all the way soon. I am not so sure. Twice now, I've had a blanket thrown over me, and then was stuffed into a moving box. I'm afraid if I come out, it will happen again. Mom has made it easy for me tho. Miss Jade and I get fed under here because Gracie is a brat, and we even have a litterbox under here. That is because Miss Jade has tummy troubles. The only thing under the bed is missing is a nice, soft bed.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Sweet 16

It's my 16th birthday today. I am kind of sad because Tiki isn't here to help me celebrate this year. It is the first year that I haven't had him by my side to celebrate. But, Mom says he is happy where he is and is celebrating at the Bridge, so I guess I will be happy too. Mom let me open the Hepper box. You won't believe what was inside.
Here I am helping her open it.

It's something round and pink with a nice sheepskin lining. It's a Hepper Podium Bed.

I couldn't wait for her to get it out of the box. I had to try it out right away!

It had some styrofoam things on the legs, and Mom picked the bed up with me still in it and put us on her lap to take those off. I refused to get out.

I love my new bed. It is so comfortable and while pink isn't exactly my color, it is comfortable enough that I don't care. Skeezy would love it tho.

Mom would like to get us a pod bed, but she said we are going to have to wait a while so she can save up. This bed is on sale right now for a really good price - if you are thinking about getting a Hepper bed, you might want to try this one. I give it two paws up.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Meezer Rule Wednesday

My rule for today is to take advantage of a Mom going to bed early. See my mom usually goes to bed at about 2:00 in the morning and gets up to get ready for work at 6:00 am. That doesn't give me very much cuddle time, but Mom was tired last night, and decided to go to bed at midnight. So, instead of making her take a new picture, I decided to let her post an old picture of me and then go to sleep. Here I am taking advantage of Camie's water bowl. As you can see, it's just the right heighth. I think this was before we got our fountain (which hasn't been set up again). Mom said she would take a new picture since my 16th birthday is tomorrow. It is going to be a little bit sad since this is the first time I will be celebrating without my brother.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Gracie Tuesday

Me Gracie, Me help Two-legged Mom person unpack, so me tired. Me help lots. Me jump in box, Two-legged Mom person put me out of box, me jump in box, Two-legged Mom person put me out of box. We do that lots. She says me not helping, but me know different. Me Big Help! Me sleep now. Night!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Meezer Monday

This is how I spent most of the weekend. I did steal some of Mom's pizza crust tho. It was yummy. It is lots of fun to bite off chunks too and drop them all over the floor.

I also want to wish a very happy birthday to my bestest woofie sister Camie. She is 12-years-old today, and my 16th birthday is on Thursday. Mom says we might see about having a Chatzy party in July to help celebrate Miss Jade's gotcha day too.

Friday, June 19, 2009

International Box Day

As many of you know, we recently moved. Well, Mom has been lazy, and still hasn't unpacked a lot of boxes, so boy did I have plenty to choose from to participate today. I have been sleeping in this box because it is full of wonderfully soft things. There is some fleece, some batting, flannel sheets, and a blanket or two. It makes for a wonderfully soft bed. I am starting to feel my 16 years (almost) creeping up on me, and prefer to sleep somewhere soft and floofy. Mom said she really noticed that I was getting "creaky" during one day of the move. There wasn't anyplace for me to sleep except the hard tile floor, and I was stiff when I got up.

We have another box that Mom says has something for us in it, but she doesn't have anywhere to put it yet, so it is still boxed up. It has some writing on the outside...hepper. We are anxious to find out what is in there.

Happy International Box Day!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for many things. Among them, a mama who looks at me, says "Oh how cute," grabs the flashy box, and then leaves me alone to keet being cute.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Always try to look extra cute when you want some lovin'.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tortie Tuesday - Tongue Baff

Hi - Me Gracie. Me laying on boxes that the Two-legged Mom person not unpack yet. It makes good spot to take baff. Me like new partment. Me get to run and play and jump everywhere. Me like to sharpen my clawrs on Two-legged Mom person's sofa and dresser - its fun. Two-legged Mom person says "Gracie-stop" when me do it. Me stop but then go do it again later - haha. Me going back to baff now.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Meezer Monday

This is how I spent my weekend, especially since Mom was gone for most of it. She said she isn't going to run off on us again for a long time. We are definately happy about that. We hope everyone had a great weekend.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Finally Friday

Well, it is Friday, which means that we should get Mom to ourselves for most of the weekend, but is that the case??? NO! She is going on one of her 10K walks, and what is worse, Papa is the one who laid out the route, so that means Mom is going to help him register the walkers who come. She doesn't mind helping out, but it means she won't get home until after 1:00 pm each day. She is supposed to stay here, sleeping in with us.

Thank you to all the kitties who have been purring for our Mom's hand. She said almost all of the infection is gone. There is just a little bit of redness between the two teeth marks, but the rest of it is pretty well healed. We really appreciate all the good wishes and purrs.

Even though things are a mess here right now with all the unpacking left to do, Mom thinks we are all a lot happier here.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - The M-word Edition

We thought we would post 13 things that are either good or bad about the M-Word.
  1. We have to have all of our stuff packed up and changed. (Bad)
  2. We get to see stuff we haven't seen in a while. (Good)
  3. Mom gets to throw stuff away she doesn't need or want anymore. (Good)
  4. There are lots of boxes to play in. (Good)
  5. We don't have to worry about room-mates having holey screens or leaving doors open. (Good)
  6. Mom got hurt. (Bad)
  7. Cody and Gracie got out. (Bad)
  8. Mom can't find anything, so not as many pictures are being taken of us. (Bad)
  9. Mom can't come home for lunch any more. (Bad)
  10. We have the run of the apartment and don't have to be stuck in one room anymore (Good)
  11. No sticky kids trying to pet us. (Good)
  12. Cody came out for treats tonight and even ate a couple from Mom's hand. (Good)
  13. More people to fall in love with Camie. (Good)
  14. We didn't get to visit our friends much. (BAD)

All in all, we think maybe the M-word will turn out to be a good thing.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Meezer Colors Day

Today is Meezer colors day. We are supposed to show a picture of our Meezerness next to a color that brings out our colors really well. During the M-Word, mom found some pictures of us that her brother, our Uncle M, took. Uncle M was working as a professional photographer at the time, so he got some really good pictures of us.

This first one is me playing with some feathers. I am really showing off my tummy and toes well. Mom says I reminder her of a little lion cub - in fact she still calls me her little lion from time to time. You can see I had big feet even when I was a kit.

This next one is Tiki posing. He was so regal even back then. You could tell he was the one in charge - always so calm and self assured.

Here are the two of us together. Again, he is posing and being regal while still showing his playful side, while I am just having fun. As you can see, the blue background really sets off both of our furs really well. Mom wishes she could get a really good picture of my eyes when they are turquoise, but I tend to blink or close my eyes when the flashy box comes out.

Finally, Mom thought she would show you her battle wounds. Look away now if any of you are a bit squimish.
Her finger/knuckle is much improved after being on the anitbiotics for two days now. The only place that is puffy and red is right around the wound. She says it still gets a bit hurty if she uses it a lot, or starts touching it. We keep telling her if she wouldn't touch it, it wouldn't hurt, but she never listens.

Finally, here are the scratches Cody inflicted. We think he did a pretty good job of getting Mom and letting her know he was not a happy camper. Papa said it looked like Mom had tried to commit suicide and failed miserably - mol.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Good Help is So Hard to Find

Mom went to the human V-E-T yesterday and her hand is infected. They gave her giant pills to take, and said that if it doesn't get better in a couple of days, she will have to have an IV. Her hand around the "wound" is red, hot, sore and very puffy. She said that the human V-E-Ts were nice and only asked if it was our own kitty that bit her, and when she said yes, that was the end of it, except to say that cat bites often get infected. Mom is glad it is her left hand that is wounded because it is hard to move and stiff.
When she came home from work today, she stayed up long enough to eat dinner and then fell asleep about 7:30 - she never does that. She only took Camie out once. Shame on her. When she woke up a few minutes ago, we told her the first thing she had to do was help us. We haven't been blogging all week and it all her fault, so she has to help us now. And then she can take Camie out again.
Some kitties had some comments/questions about the move and Cody. Yes, Mom realizes that it wasn't his fault. She totally blames herself for getting bitten, and knows that Cody was petrified and that was why he bit her, and since it was her fault, there is nothing to forgive him for. She scared him badly. In fact we haven't seen him since moving in, but know he's here hiding somewhere. Mom was also terrified when he got out and was all leaky but trying to put on a brave face. Mom was so scared he wouldn't be able to find his way back home after not being out in so many years. He was just a kitten when he was rescued. And we moved about 15-20 minutes from where we were. We don't have any roommates to let any of us out, and Mom is happy about that. Oh, and Willie, Mom moved a little closer to March and a little further away from LA. But it is only another 15 minutes either way.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Meezer Moving Monday

Hello, Tavi here - we are so glad the weekend from you know where is over... We are totally over at the new place now, but it looks like a mess because Mom still has to put stuff away. Mom and Papa (our Grandpa) worked really hard on Saturday to get everything moved over, and they managed it, but something happened that made Mom upset and then hurt.
While Mom and Papa were moving everything but the bed, Miss Jade and Cody were under the bed hanging out. Mom put Gracie and I in another bedroom while the doors were open, but she knew Miss Jade and Cody were too scared to do anything but hide under the bed. Well, it came time to finally move the bed - they were doing that last except for some boxes, and Papa asked what would happen to Cody, and Mom said he would freak out. So, she and Papa made sure that all of the doors to the house were shut so that when Cody ran, he couldn't get out. Well, our roommates didn't tell us that they had a hole in their screen and Cody found it and got out. Mom was soooooo upset. She kept going out to look for him. They kept Gracie and I locked up and Miss Jade was hiding in a cabinet, so they knew right were she was and opened all the doors they could.
Right before they left to come to unload the moving van, Mom made up notes and passed them around to all of her neighbors asking them if they saw Cody to please not try to approach him because he was so spooked by people, but to just call Mom and she would come and try to lure him home. Everyone was pretty nice about it, and said they would. Anyway, Mom and Papa finally had to leave to go unpack the van, but she left a note for our roommate to call also. She finally got back around 12:30 am and started to do some cleaning and then decided to go get some food since she was hungry and lunch was a long distant memory. When she came back with her food, she came into the house and then went out into the garage to open the door to put her car inside (she has never had a remote for it). She shut the door leading from the garage to the house, and opened up the garage door, and just as it opened, she saw Cody hiding behind a piece of plywood in the garage. He was really spooked and tried to run into the house. Of course, Mom had shut that door, so she tried to catch him as he darted past so he wouldn't run out of the garage outside. Well, that freaked him out even more, and he clawed her and then he bit her right on her knuckle. She still tried to hold on to him, but she never had a good grip and he slipped out of her grasp and ran OUTSIDE. Mom was even more upset because she knew now he was outside and not just hiding, and Cody hasn't been outside in over 10 years. And she was bleeding quite a bit from the scratches and the bite.
Mom walked down to Papa's - he lives 7 houses away from where we used to live - to get a flashlight. Papa gave her one and she went looking for him. In between looking for him, she tried to get the bleeding to stop. About 1/2 hour later, she saw him hiding by a car in the neighbors driveway, so she tried to get him, but he ran and she didn't see where he went. So she moved his food into the middle of the garage floor, and then went looking for him again. When she was coming back to the house to check on us, she happened to shine her flashlight into the garage and saw two little red eyes looking at her from behind a toolbox on a shelf. She quickly checked to make sure it was a Cody kitty and not a possum and then she shut the garage door. At least he was in the garage now. Then she managed to chase him into the house and then finally into our bedroom, where she shut us all in for the night. She slept on the floor next to Camie and I all night - well what was left of it - it was now about 2:45 am.
When she woke up Sunday morning (yesterday), she started cleaning some more - and then called Papa to come help her move one of the litterboxes. Her knuckle has never really stopped oozing, so Papa said he would come over and then he told Mom that her uncle who had kidney cancer had died about 4:00 am. It wasn't unexpected, but just sad. Mom went to return the rental truck, and then Papa picked her up and they spent the day at her Uncle's house (Papa's only brother). We were left locked up in Mom's room and she left a note threatening dire consequences if anyone opened the door and any of us got out.
She finally got home around 5:00 and had to get us kitties and Camie moved and she was worried about how she was going to get Cody. She finally managed to get him by throwing a comforter over him and then scooping him up and putting him in the PTU. The only problem she had was that I was in there already - I LOVE my PTU. So she told me the two of us were going to ride in there together. Cody was really good in the car. Mom threw the comforter over us, so she wasn't sure if it was because of that or because I was with him. (I often have to ride in the car when I don't want to because I calm the others down.) She only took 3 of us the first trip because she only has 2 PTUs that are put together and she had to fib about how many kitties she had to get an apartment. Gracie stayed at the old house while she finished cleaning her room - mopping, cleaning the baseboards and the bathroom. Our roommate came back with the kids and he was moving the last of their things out - leaving the front door open - and the kids were playing with Gracie when she decided she'd had enough and ran outside too. Mom was pi$$ed. She said that after a year of living together and reminding everyone weekly about doors, etc, they would get the picture that you can't leave a door open with indoor only kitties (or have a holey screen). Fortunately, Gracie didn't go far, and ran back home almost immediately as soon as Mom got the kids out of the way. She doesn't like being out.
Soooooo, she finally got us all moved and settled, but her knuckle now is showing real signs of being infected, so she is going to go to the people V-E-T tomorrow. It is all swollen and red, and still kind of oozey. And she can't move the finger very well.
Sorry this is so long, but we wanted to let you know what happened this weekend. We are really glad it is over.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Missing Everyone on Monday

Hi, we are sorry we haven't been around this past week. We are still in the middle of moving and while we still have internet service - both at our current place, and our new place, we don't have a mom who has the energy to help us. She has been going over to our new apartment at night to unpack before moving the big furniture pieces. She says she forgets how much junk she has until it is time to move again. She moved a lot growing up and said the best thing about moving is that it enables someone to get rid of a lot of useless stuff that has accumulated. Anyway, we are hoping to be back to blogging soon. We miss all of you. We have been doing some reading, but not a lot of commenting. Hopefully by the beginning of next week, that will change.