Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mo Cats Day

In honor of Mo Cats Day, we've decided to include pictures of all the cats in our family and pictures from some friends of ours.

One of Mom's favorite pictures of Tavi.

Cody sleeping with Camie.

Gracie looking a little annoyed at having her nap disturbed.

Tiki (now at the bridge)

Miss Jade (now at the bridge)

Our cousin, Einstein. He is now a whopping 16 lb boy. (We don't have a picture of Dharma - his sister)

The intruder kitty from Christmas, 2~1/2 years ago - Belle

Belle's cousin - Ewok.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stealing Warmth

Mom's shoulder was a bit hurty today, so she brought her heating pad home from work. She put it on the couch by me, plugged it in, and turned it on low. Of course, I had to steal it from her. It was a bit chilly today, so I needed something to keep me warm, and this was wonderful. Mom said she is going to leave it home for us, so I can use it as much as I want.

In other news, I am still a bit depressed without Camie. I have been sleeping in the bathroom in the dirty clothes. I have plenty of other places to sleep, I just feel like sleeping in there for now. I have still been demanding lots of Mom time too. She's pretty good about letting me sleep on her when I want.

Gracie is doing okay, and Cody is still allowing Mom to pet him lots while he eats his treats.