Saturday, January 14, 2012

One of the ways I like to have fun

Sometimes when Mom is in the bathroom, I like to go in with her. But sometimes I just sit outside the door and like to have fun. Here is one of the ways I like to have fun.

If you can't see it here, go here.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Hi everyone. Happy New Year!

This is Cody. As many of you know, I don't like people touching me...well I should say I didn't like people touching me, because after almost 12 years of running away whenever anyone got close to me, I finally started to let my mom sort of touch me while I was getting treats. I would let her give me pets just for a couple of minutes while I ate my treats. But, guesses what? I finally decided that the big hand wasn't going to do anything mean to me, and I am now letting Mom pet me for long periods of time without her getting out the treats. I hate to say it, but I think I really sort of like it. I purr and rub all over her and the table while she pets me. If I am feeling up to it, she will pet me for quite a while (like 15-20 minutes). Mom says her only complaint is that I won't come out from under the table, so she has to stretch her arm at an odd angle in order to reach me, but she does it for as long as I want. I've even been meowing at her to get her to give me pets. I will sometimes come to the other side of her chair and meow at her, and I've touched her hand a couple of times, so Mom is hoping I'll get comfortable enough to sit near her one day. She has said that I've given her more than she thought possible when I decided I liked pets, so she's not going to push her luck. Who knows thought...i never knew I was going to like pets as much as I do. I just might decide I like sitting near her too.

In other news, I think Gracie might like me a little bit. She's come up to me a couple of times and touched noses with me. I still don't trust her, but she seems to be listening when Mom tells her to be nice whenever she comes close to me. We hope everyone has a wonderful new year.