Friday, November 19, 2010

One Last Update?

Hello, I've decided to update everyone on how I'm doing, and the short, quick answer to that is not good, but it could be worse.

On Sunday, I decided to stop eating. I just don't seem to want to eat anything. As a result, I've lost more weight and am getting cold a lot. Mom has left her heating pad on low with a thick blanket over it so I won't get too hot, but I do like to curl up there and stay warm, especially in the morning. I also like to snuggle into her newest afghan. It's very warm. In fact, I'm laying on it right now.

As I said, on Sunday, I decided to stop eating. Mom made me eat a little watered down baby food, but I struggled with her. I also kind of didn't know to get up to use the litterbox while I was sleeping, so I got mom a little wet, and another time, got the blanket I was in wet. I really wasn't feeling well at all. I was very lethargic, and stayed curled up under the blankets all night. Mom stayed up all night with me. She had to go into work on Monday, but came home on her lunch break. By then, I was feeling a bit better and I decided I wanted to go outside and sit in the sun a bit. I am usually only allowed out when it is time to get the mail, and then Mom carries me most of the way. Anyway, she let me out, and sat with me on the stairs for a while, but then she had to go back to work. When she came home after work, I again wanted to go outside and wanted to explore a little. Mom was very happy about this because she said she thought she was going to have to take me into the v-e-t so I could go on a trip. I am not quite ready for that trip just yet.

On Tuesday, I decided to try a little more food. I ate about 2 mouthfuls, and decided to try to steal some of Mom's quesadilla. It was buttery, and I really like butter. I also met her at the door again when she got home from work to go pick up the mail, but she wouldn't let me sit outside because she said it was much to cold out there. She had stopped by the v-e-t to leave a message about how I was doing.

On Wednesday, Dr. Martini (the v-e-t) called Mom and they talked about me quite a bit. Mom told him that I had stopped eating (except for the two mouthfuls) but that I was still meeting her at the door for my daily trip outside, and that I still seem interested in finding new places to sleep. He agreed with Mom that I will probably get to see my brother, Tiki, and sister, Camie, before too long. He also told my Mom not to force any more medications on me, except my Pepcid (because the renal failure causes high acid amounts which could lead to a sore tummy) and my fluids to keep my hydrated. He said that he could tell I was a fighter and so was Mom because my numbers were so high 2-1/2 weeks ago, he was surprised I wasn't at the Bridge already. Basically, he told my Mom to keep me comfortable and happy, and to bring me in when it was time for my trip to the Bridge.

Today, I didn't meet my mom at the door for our trip because it was a bit cold in here, and I was curled up in our favorite afghan. Mom picked me up anyway and took me out to get the mail. I've been up and walking around tonight and going to a couple of my favorite places to sleep. I jump up with Mom and sleep on her lap until she either has to get up or I get too hot (the afghan is really warm) and then I jump down and sleep in my ham-mick, and when I get cold again, I jump back up on the couch and sleep with Mom again. I am hanging in there, and fighting as much as I can. I even ate a couple of licks of butter again tonight, and took one lick of the juice from the cat food.

As you can see, my bones are really prominent and I have almost no fat left at all. Mom is calling me her skinny, little man, or little old man. I don't mind as I am both.

As, always, thank you for being our friends and thank you for always making us laugh or cry - usually just when we need one or the other the most.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Update - Tavi

Tavi here - Mom was trying to put up a picture of me, but she is too lazy to get her camera, and there is something wrong with her ability to send pictures via her cell phone. Anyway - we thought we would update you on what's been going on.

As you know, I have been diagnosed with CRF. I had to go back to the V-E-T a week ago, and they said my numbers are very high which is bad. Mom was at work when the V-E-T called, so it went to her cell phone voice mail. Mom called back to get some more information, and the V-E-T said something that Mom can't quite figure out if it's good or bad... he said that my numbers were so bad, he couldn't figure out why I was still alive... Mom doesn't know whether to take that as "Your cat is really a miracle because he should be dead," or "Why don't you just let your cat die?" He also said I shouldn't feel like eating. He called twice after that and left messages asking if I was eating and how I was doing. Mom is kind of under the impression that he thinks I am going to run for The Bridge any moment, but I am proving him wrong.

I am still asking to go get the mail with Mom, and the appetite stimulant really worked on me, because I keep asking for food. I even stole a piece of pepperoni with cheese on it today. Mom wasn't too happy about that - something about not being good for my tummy, but it tasted yummy. I am also still demanding pets and love from Mom and am still hopping up onto the counter to get to the TV stand so I can sleep on top of the Blue-Ray and wireless router. It's very warm up there. I've even sneaked out of the house a couple of times when Mom was leaving for work - that was fun, except I got caught too soon each time (I don't go anywhere, except to the end of our little hall and wait for Mom to pick me up - it's how we go to get the mail everyday).

Anyway, I am getting sub-q fluids every day. I also have to take blood pressure medicine so I don't have another stroke. I've been okay with the medicine, but I really don't like getting the sub-q fluids. I don't really fight Mom, but I definitely let her know I would rather be elsewhere. One day, I jumped down after she stuck me, and pulled the needle out. I don't think I will be trying that again because I just got stuck again. All in all, I am doing remarkably well for a cat that shouldn't be alive.

As for Gracie and Cody, they are both okay. Mom just got a new throw from Sam's Club that Gracie absolutely loves. She kneads on it and suckles it and goes completely gaga over it. Cody has his days where he will jump on the bed for treats and let Mom pet him (she almost gets misty eyed every time it happens because of the long wait to be able to do so.) She says his fur is very soft and he will now stop eating his treats for a few seconds at a time and just enjoy the pets. He is still a scaredy cat about everything else tho. He's so cute because he raises his behind in the air to get more pets. Mom says this is proof to never, ever give up on trying to win over a cat. It's taken her 10 long years to be able to touch him, and she doesn't think he will ever get much beyond where he is now, but just being able to pet him for 2 or 3 minutes is a miracle she never thought would happen.

As always, we thank you for your continued friendship. We are so sorry we are unable to comment or visit as much. Mom used to do a lot of it while she was at work, but she has a different boss now that gets all frowny faced about it.