Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Purrs for Ayla

Our friend Ayla had to have surgery yesterday. When TBT went in to check on her after she came home, he found her bleeding from her stitches. He rushed her to the emergency v-e-t. We are purring for her to get better. She needs purrs, so we are sending her ours.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Visitor Visiting

Hi everyone. No, this woofie isn't moving in with us. He's just visiting. He's been okay, except he has barked at me (Gracie) a couple of times. Mom tells him "NO!" when he does that. His mama is on vacation, so he is staying here, keeping us company. He has a couple of cats of his own, so he mostly knows how to behave around us. We're still a little leery of him tho - after all, he's not Camie.

He's been here since Wednesday, and will be staying with us about two weeks. At night, Mom says she feels like the filling in a sandwich. Diddy (the woofie) is sleeping tight next to her on one side, and I am on the other side, sleeping tight next to her. Usually, I don't sleep touching her so much, but I have to make sure she remembers she belongs to me (and Cody) and not the woofie. He did bring us some treats tho, so I guess he's okay - especially because he's not staying - mol.