Friday, October 22, 2010

Funny Video - NSFW based on language

Mom laughed so hard at this video. It does have some words from the naughty list, so be warned.

We hope everyone has a good weekend.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy 'Tocktober Day Derby

Today is our good friend, Derby's, birthday. In honor of him, we are posting our best 'tocks. (We don't do 'tocks very well - sorry Derby)

I don't have much 'tocks anymore since I've lost so much weight.

Gracie has lots of 'tocks, but she's such a lady, she doesn't like showing them off.

We hope you have a great birthday Derby. You deserve it.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tortie Tuesday Tavi Update

I decided to report on today's update since Tavi is just a bit hissed off at the world. He had to go back to the V-E-T again - and Mom made me go too. He has CRF and has to have sub-q fluids, and a special diet. He also got two more prescriptions. One is an appetite stimulant since he hasn't felt like eating, and the other is a phosphate binder - both of which have to be done at a compounding pharmacy. Mom has to take care of those tomorrow. He also got two shots today: one of Vitamin B complex and Vitamin B12 combined, and another of a long lasting anti-biotic.

Mom has to give him 70 mls of fluids each day, and she has to give him a Vitamin B12 shot weekly for at least the next six weeks. And he has to go back for blood tests in 2 weeks.

Tavi was not a happy camper today. Mom isn't sure if it was because he had to go back to the V-E-T- for the third time in as many days or if it was because I was in the carrier with him, or if it was just that he's not feeling well, or a combination of the three. I had to go to get my rooster shots. Mom figured it made sense to take care of it since she had to go there anyway.

Thank you all for the purrs, prayers, and good thoughts coming our way. We really appreciate it.

PS - Mom did buy a pill splitter when she got the pills, but she says it's still a pain in the hiney to split those little things. 1/2 isn't too bad, it's the quartering that's a royal pain.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Meezer Monday

Well, we got back from our v-e-t a little while ago. Mom says we got lucky because I got the v-e-t she likes the best there. He does seem a little bit more gentle and kind when he examines me.

Anyway, they stole some of my furs, my blood and my urine, and are going to send it in to be tested. They also took my blood pressure, and it is high, so they gave mom some medication for me to take at least until they get the report back. It is a very, tiny, itty bitty pill - and I only have to take 1/4 of it once a day. Mom says it's going to be a pain in the hiney to cut it into quarters.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

So Not a Sleepy Sunday

We seem to be always apologizing for not getting around and commenting much, and not posting much, so here it goes again. We are so sorry. We are reading about you tho. Here is a bit of an update.

I got hauled off to the emergency v-e-t today. It appears I might have had a stroke. I woke up Mom this morning by dragging myself out from under the covers. Mom noticed I hadn't walked out and got very concerned. She tried to stand me up and I just collapsed back down. She moved me out to the couch to look at me better, and I couldn't move one side of my body. I also had 2 different sized pupils. She took a quick shower, and while she was in there, I tried to get up and ended up falling off the couch (but I didn't hurt myself). She raced me to the emergency v-e-t (I threw up on her shoulder in the car because I got car sick). Once there, they did a preliminary check on me, and I couldn't feel pain sensations in my toes on my one foot, and they agreed with mom about my pupil sizes, but said I was stable for now, and Mom could hold me until the v-e-t could see me.

Once we went into the v-e-t, I had improved noticeably, and was able to stand up and stagger around. I was given a physical exam and neurological exam, and kept getting better. My eyes had improved a lot, but were still slightly different sizes, and when the v-e-t checked my foot orientation (they turned my paw upside down by putting the top of the paw on the table), I could straighten it out, but slowly. I could also see and smell, although the v-e-t said I am starting to get cataracts. I also seemed to have a loss of sensation along my back bone which could be from a couple of things.

I have to go to my regular v-e-t tomorrow for blood work, and a follow-up appointment. I don't really want to go. Today's appointment exhausted me.

Mom was crying both on the way to the v-e-t and on the way home - she said she was first so afraid she would have to help me over the bridge, and then she was so happy. I don't get her at come she was crying because she was sad and happy????

Anyway, I am doing lots better than I was this morning, and am enjoying being back home again.