Friday, October 28, 2011

Formerly Feral Friday

 Hi - it's me Cody - I came out of hiding because Mom said she would let me post instead of the evil Gracie.  This is where I like to eat.  Mom was feeding me under the table I'm mostly hiding under, but she is trying to make me feel more comfortable coming out into the rest of the house.  I kind of like my little clubhouse under and behind the couch (except when Gracie tries to break in).  Mom put my litterbox on the other side of the cat tree, so I don't have to bother with the evil menace that calls herself Gracie.

 This picture is of the Evil Intruder Kitty (EIK) that has decided the lounge outside is a good place to nap.  Mom has seen EIK up there a couple of times.  Mom isn't feeding it or taking care of it in anyway because we think it might have a home.  It looks very well fed.  Mom thinks it likes the lounge because it is really warm there because of the big bathtub there - it reflects the sun.

Actually - we don't know if EIK is evil or not.  Gracie doesn't seem bothered by her/him - and s/he has been back there quite a few times that Mom has seen.

Mom says I have to show this picture too since Gracie is also kindof F.F.  Gracie is finally leaving me alone - right before this, she had been playing with the wand toy you see in the picture.  I was trying to play with it, but she broke into my clubhouse, so I had to hide.  Mom stopped playing with me so Gracie would leave me alone.    

We hope everyone has a great weekend.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hello Again

This is how I have been spending a lot of my time. Mom has been busy unpacking and cleaning out Papa's house. It took almost 6 weekends for them to go through everything and throw a lot of stuff away. But, it's better now. There are still things to put away, but there are only a couple of boxes left for me to play in, so I think they are mostly done.

I've also been spending a lot of time up here. Mom will sometimes play with me on here, and I can look out the big glass window here and see the birds and other animals that visit. Sometimes Mom goes out through the giant window and gets in a huge bathtub and moves around a lot. I cry and cry and cry for her when she's outside in that bathtub. She won't get out of it though for a long time. She says she's swimming, but I just think she's nuts.

Cody is hiding as usual. He has decided that in back and under the couch is where he wants to live now, so Mom is babying him. She puts our food under the table where he feels safe, and she went out and bought him a new litterbox that I get yelled at for going near. She put it at the end of the table next to MY cat tree, and spoiled the spot I might want to sit in to look outside. She's also put a blanket and bed behind the couch and yells at me if I go back there. It's not my fault he won't come out from under the couch if I'm back there - I don't tease him too much. Mom says that he has let her pet him a couple of times, but he still doesn't feel safe enough for the daily petting that he was getting right before our move. He does come and demand food (which he wasn't doing at first) and treats, and will take the treats from Mom's hand. Mom is just giving him time she says. He played a bit with the wand toy tonight, but Mom says I ruined his fun. I don't see why she blames me - it's my toy after all, and I was playing with it first. I shouldn't be yelled at because he butted in on my fun.

Mom has also been using the hot as hell box a lot. She even let me try some of her cookie. It was delicious. It was tangy, and cinnamony, and yummy. It had a weird name though - snickerdoodle. She says she is going to be baking a lot more now, because she has a kitchen she can move around in again, and it's a lot cooler here at Papa's.

Mom says she promises to help us blog a lot more than once a month. We will see if she sticks to her promise.