Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tortie Tuesday with Gracie

Well, not much has been happening around here. Mom has been subbing a lot more, so she is gone quite a bit during the day. She says it's a good thing because then she can buy us our foods and litter, and treats and toys, but we miss her. It's been on the cool side for us Southern Californians (high 40's to low 50's), so I've consented to let Mom cover me with a blanket. I used to be scared of being covered by the blanket, but I don't mind it so much any more. Last night, I even snuggled next to mom under the blanket with my head on her arm. She made a pretty good pillow until she decided to move.

In other news, Cody has finally let Mom pet him without having to eat treats. He will only do it while under cover of the table, and it takes Mom about 15 minutes to win his trust, but once she does, she can pet him for a long time. He even rubs his head against Mom's hand to get more pets, and he purrs the whole time. Mom says it's really awkward for her because she has to sit in her chair, and stretch her arm down the side of it, and then up under the table to be able to pet him, but it's worth it to her.

We have also had an evil red dot invade our house. I keep trying and trying to catch it, but it moves so fast, I end up sliding on the tile floor while I'm trying to catch it. Mom hopes to get video one day, but it tends to only show up when it's dark outside, and most of the house is dark, so a video would probably be very dark also. I'll have to see if I can find the evil red dot in the daytime. Even Cody tries to catch it a little bit.

Cody and I have also been getting along better. He will come out into the rest of the house now, instead of hiding in his clubhouse (behind the couch). He yells at me when I come near him, but I haven't been swatting him as much. When Mom sees me getting close to him, she tells me to behave, and I mostly do. Mom thinks part of my swatting him, is half me wanting to play with him, and half me being a brat. I can't make up my mind whether I like him or not, so I keep getting close to him and then the swat just happens.

In case Mom won't let us blog again before Christmas, we hope everyone has a fun but safe holiday. Our Christmas wish, as always, is for all kitties to find a home and become formerly feral, kind of like Cody is becoming.