Friday, June 25, 2010

17 years young & Update

Well, I am 17 years young today. It is hard to believe that I am that old. Of course, it is also my brother's birthday, even if he is at the bridge. Mom's birthday present to me (well, really all of us) is that she is home for a whole week. She took off a vacation day, and then has four furlough days. She says she doesn't mind the furlough days because they took the money out a little at a time over all of her paychecks, but she gets to take the days off all at once (so it's like a mini vacation).

We are sorry we haven't been updating. We are all okay, but I have been extra clingy with Mom since Camie went to the bridge. I have been asking Mom to hold me almost constantly when she is home. She has been a little bit concerned about me because of it, but she is giving in to my demands for the most part to be held all the time.

Gracie is her usual self. She is still very sweet with me and very bratty with Cody. Of course, Cody starts their arguments half of the time anyway, so we can't blame it all on Gracie. She still loves to knead on Mom with all of her feet while she purrs and drools. She also takes long naps on Mom until I come up and kick her out of the way. I wouldn't mind if she wanted to share, but she won't. She's kind of selfish.

Cody has the biggest news tho. He has been letting Mom pet him lots while he is eating his treats at night. Mom has been able to pet him for almost a minute. As you know, this is a HUGE improvement over his previous behavior. He still gets spooked easily, and will move away from her if she makes any sudden movements, but at least he will sit still and let her get some good petting in on his back and he doesn't run and hide if she has to move. Mom is going to try to get some video of it if she can. She says it's hard to take video and pet at the same time, especially because it's Cody.

Thank you all for staying friends with us. Mom keeps saying she is going to go back to helping us visit and blog soon.