Monday, November 28, 2011

Purrs of thanks!

After being missing for two weeks, our buddy Kimo is now safely back home. We know how thrilled we are that he is back home...we can only imagine how happy his mom, dad, brother, and girlbean are. You can visit him here

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tortie Tuesday

This may not be the best picture, but this is where I love to sleep while Mom is on the computer. Sometimes she has to really stretch her neck to see over me - mol. We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

PS - we were so sorry to hear that Emma ran off to the bridge. We are purring for you Herman and Miss Karen Jo.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Cody getting pets

These images are really terrible, but since I hide and don't like to come out from under the protection of the table, Mom wanted to show you, she can actually pet me, and I will eat out of her hands.  In the last picture, it looks like Mom is digging her claws into me, but she's not, she's just giving really good skritches (and while it looks like I get a lot of treats, I'm supposed to tell you it's mostly dry food that Mom mixes with Temptations, Party Mix, Whisker Lickin's and sometimes Greenies)

I am still not really comfortable having her reach over me to give me skritches (that's why they don't look so good), but I won't come up to her level like I used to before, so she puts down lots of treats, and tries to reach along the side of me before going over my back or head.

I am becoming more comfortable being out, and I told off Gracie the other day for bothering me.  I love it because Mom always yells at Gracie for bothering me - hehe.  I will wander out into the kitchen to yell for food, and then sometimes go on into the dining and living room.  My primary home is still in the den behind the sofa. 

Happy Monday everyone.